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The beautiful castles of the Loire

The route of the castles of the Loire is one of the most famous, glamorous and beautiful routes that can be made in France. You can spend several days in that area of ​​the heart of France, following the course of the largest river in the country. At its banks you can find up to 50 castles between the cities of Angers and Orleans, so attractions to make this route are not lacking.

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8 roads and routes to do before you die

There are places that we can not miss at least once in a lifetime ... paths to do before death and trails to travel before the legs fail. In this article we tell you what are those routes that should be yes or yes in your list of essentials. Paths to do before you die These are roads and trails that require physical fitness.

The incredible Valley of Fire in Nevada

The state of Nevada is world famous for the city of Las Vegas, however, once there, one can escape the hustle, bustle and play of the City of Sin, and approach the Valley of Fire. A radically different and, of course, tremendously inspiring experience, since here nature is the great protagonist.

Örebro, a beautiful city in the heart of Sweden

ÖRebro, with its 150,000 inhabitants, is the seventh largest city in Sweden. Although it is located in a very accessible place, only 200 km from Stockholm and 300 from Oslo, it does not usually appear on tourist routes. Next, we will give you plenty of reasons to include this beautiful city in your itinerary if you travel to Sweden.

What can you do for free in Vienna?

Surely you really want to visit the Austrian capital. If you want to enjoy it, and also save you a good money, we will tell you the options to have a great and free time in Vienna. There are many options, from museums that have free admission to viewpoints that will leave you impressed.

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A walk through the historic center of Warsaw

Warsaw is a real surprise for travelers. And it is that anyone who reads a little about the capital of Poland before traveling to it, will discover that it was a city practically razed during World War II. So expect a modern city without any charisma. But the truth is very different.

Renting a car in Athens, is it worth it?

Resorting to rent a car in Athens can be a good idea. Maybe not so much to move through the interior of the Greek capital. But to move from there to discover other fantastic places in the Hellenic territory. In addition to the fact that driving in Greece becomes an experience in itself.

Visit the spectacular landscape of Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend, or the Horseshoe Bend, is near the American city of Page, in the state of Arizona. It is one of the greatest landscape attractions in the United States. Do you want to know more about him? In this article we give you all the information you need to visit it. The natural wonder of Hoseshoe Bend Colorado River Horseshoe Bend is the horseshoe-shaped meander of the Colorado River.

The 7 best road routes in Spain

To talk about the best roads on roads in Spain is to talk about major words. In this country you can find some of the most incredible areas in the world to drive with vehicles. However, we lack space to comment on all that they are, although we will take care that you know the most attractive ones from our point of view.

We propose a three-day visit to Chicago

Sometimes, it is thought that the visit to Chicago is just a must-stop between other destinations in North America, and even in Asia. However, nothing is further from reality. This megaurban on the shores of Lake Michigan is one of the most attractive that can be visited on a trip to the United States.

The museums of Lima that you cannot miss

The museums of Lima, capital of Peru, are some of the best in all of Latin America. Walking through them and contemplating their works of art is breathing history and one of the best ways to get to know the life of this city and the history of the whole country. We propose a route through some of them and we tell you the wonders that you can find inside.

We visit the most important museums in Europe

Museums are another tourist attraction, which even convinces many travelers to visit a certain city. Even without being understood in art, we all recognize that the works that remain inside are jewels that must be admired. This is what we want to do, we will visit the most important museums in Europe.

The most terrifying places to enjoy Halloween

"Halloween" is a tradition that although it is more popular in the United States, other countries have taken it as their own. If you intend to live a terrifying experience, do not hesitate to choose any of the following places to enjoy Halloween. Where to celebrate Halloween? If you are a lover of horror stories and tales of ghosts, witches and vampires, then don't forget to go to these destinations at the end of October: 1.

Nijmegen, a city to discover in the Netherlands

Nijmegen is one of the least visited destinations in Europe, however, it is a paradise to discover. This amazing city has an interesting history that is reflected in every old street and monument. Nijmegen has also been chosen as the Green Capital of Europe for 2018, a special recognition to those cities that make an effort to improve the environment.

A getaway to Prague in 4 unforgettable days

We are going to get away to Prague, one of those essential and magical destinations in Europe. Just 4 days are enough to fall in love with the Czech capital. So much so that, as you will see later, on the last day we propose some excursions around the city. Are you with us on this tour of the so-called City of 100 Towers?

Churches of Russia that will leave you speechless

We will take a tour of the religious architecture of Russia. And you may be surprised, because among the many churches in Russia there are real wonders. By their conception, their details, their color or even their constructive characteristics, these temples are as wonderful as they are unique.

8 jobs where you have to travel a lot

One of the most coveted ways of life for many is to have jobs that allow them to travel, learn about new places, cultures and languages ​​and embark on new adventures. That is not so difficult, if you are a travel lover you can consider dedicating your life to one of the jobs that we are going to show you.