A weekend in Paris: what to see and do

Paris, the city of light, the city of love. Undoubtedly, he who visits Paris becomes a passionate person who walks through its streets, impregnated with stories of love and heartbreak. Paris is more than the Eiffel Tower, it is a lung that breathes romanticism and furtive glances along the Seine River.

Visiting during a weekend the city guarantees the tourist a dream trip. In Paris there are plenty of adventures and a walk to its squares, museums, monuments and gardens will undoubtedly be a wonderful journey.

Traveling only 3 days to Paris can be ephemeral, but it guarantees unforgettable moments and the visitor will always carry a piece of the city in his heart. Here are a series of places to discover the most extraordinary of the capital of the Seine and enjoy the experience to the fullest:

Luxembourg Palace

Luxembourg Palace, Paris - Alexander Demyanenko / Shutterstock.com

The Palace was designed in 1615 by order of María de Médicis and is currently the headquarters of the French Senate. The Luxembourg Palace gardens are the most striking and popular in all of Paris. In addition, tourists and Parisians approach these gardens every day to enjoy moments of leisure and rest.

It is the ideal place for families, here children can enjoy a puppet theater and the famous boats that are in the lake that surrounds the gardens. Further, It is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic as a couple or with friends. Many writers visited this place for inspiration.

Paris is like a heart that beats all the time; it is not the place where I live; It is something else. I am installed in this place where there is a kind of osmosis, a biological living contact. I say that Paris is a woman; and is a little woman of my life.

-Julio Cortazar-

Various statues and monuments are housed in the Luxembourg gardens. In addition, tourists can find numerous metal chairs that surround the place to relax and appreciate the majestic view. It is a perfect corner for those who spent the whole day walking throughout the city.

Sena river

Seine River, Paris - Nastiamed / Shutterstock.com

A trip to Paris cannot be complete without visiting the famous Seine river. From it you can appreciate the beauty of the Eiffel Tower and tourists more enthusiastic about the «iron lady» will be able to climb through its different levels to appreciate an impressive view of the entire city of Paris.

After visiting the Seine and the Eiffel Tower, the visitor can go to the Latin Quarter, where you will find the most varied gastronomy of Paris. This neighborhood is home to numerous bars, restaurants and nightclubs. A bohemian area that is also the heart of the city's intellectual movement.

Paris streets

Champs Elysees, Paris - Samot / Shutterstock.com

Having just one weekend to discover all the corners that the capital of the Seine offers, tourists can visit only the most emblematic places and their surroundings. Walking in Paris is the best way to get to know the whole city and give the best perspective to the traveler who wants to know everything in a short time.

Those who visit the capital will realize that in a short time you will find places with the best cuisine, since in Paris more than 400 types of cheeses are produced and millions of restaurants are found that the person traveling will see right after leaving the hotel.

Night in Paris - Rrrainbow / Shutterstock.com

A very interesting option for those who have little time to visit the city is to travel by bicycle.This will save time and visit a greater number of sites, including museums as emblematic of the city as the Louvre.

Further, Paris is the city of fine artsSo walking its streets means finding artists of all kinds along the way, such as painters or musicians. These can create a portrait of the traveler that is the best memory of your visit to Paris or delight you with a beautiful piece of music that contrasts perfectly with the Parisian atmosphere.

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