7 reasons to be happy when you return from travel

Don't you want to return from your trip? Don't you want to go back to your routine? When you come back from youtravel Dreamy, where you had a great time, you have renewed and have lived beautiful experiences, The return home and the realization that we must return to reality weighs heavily.

Almost always the post-holiday syndrome takes over your mood and it becomes heavy to return to the routine. But returning home doesn't have to be so bad, seeing the glass half full can make you see things from another perspective.

Here we give you 7 reasons to be happy when you return from travel:

1. You must return to leave again

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Think that if you did so well on this trip, you can start and plan your next departure, because the desire to know more destinations and live more experiences woke up in you.

To start your new adventure you must return home, so be glad to be back, it simply means that The countdown began for your next adventure.

2. Gifts and purchases

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It's time to enjoy everything you bought on your trip. Surely you have brought from souvenirs to beautiful clothes that you bought because they were on sale.

As well you can enjoy the joy you have given your family with your return and the memories and gifts you have brought them. Sometimes the joy you provide to others makes you want to return to give them those gifts they like so much.

3. Your house, your things, your bed

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It's true, staying in hotels you love, especially in exotic and paradisiacal destinations, but you must admit that There is nothing more comfortable than sleeping in your own bed. Recognize that you miss your house and your stuff.

Meeting your sheets and your special pillow is a reason to be happy to be at home. Alreadyyou can enjoy all the things that give you comfort and pleasure

4. Opportunity to renew your routine

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After recovering from the fatigue of return you feel oxygenated, so much that you can also oxygenate your routine and do new things.

Think, once and for all, to go to the gym or start that course you are giving long. You will feel renewed and be proud of yourself for having achieved it.

5. Number your adventures

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If you have just returned from your adventure on the beach I, plan the adventure trip on the mountain II and then the trip to New York III. The world is very big and there are infinite places and destinations to know.

Plan your trips without forgetting that the world is very large and has magnificent destinations waiting. You should not be discouraged, you are still young and there is much to go.

6. Photos, videos ... share it all!

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You came back from the trip, but that doesn't mean it's over, It's time to relive the moments with your family and friends showing them the photos, videos and telling all the experiences you lived. You can make a meeting and invite them all, it will surely be very nice, that will give you the opportunity to relive your best moments.

7. Realize that they missed you

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It may be that while you were traveling you did not remember yours, but It is very nice and rewarding that when you return you find people who missed you, your friends and family tell you how much they missed you.

Ah! you can't forget that being that gives you unconditional love, we talk aboutYour pet that will be very happy to see you. And if you don't have a pet, then that group of friends who always tell you everything.

Remember that knowing a new destination and its people changes you, transforms you, it provokes and moves you. Like the people we love, who sometimes just want us to come back to share moments with us that they will always appreciate.

«The intelligent person travels to enrich later his life in the sedentary days, that are more numerous.»

-Enrique Larreta-

Now instead of being discouraged when you return from travel, you must remember all these good reasons that will surely give you strength and energy to resume your activities in the best way.

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