The 7 most beautiful squares in Spain

Do you want to know your country and its people in depth? Well Join us on this trip through the 7 most beautiful squares in Spain and get ready to visit truly beautiful and pleasant corners in which to see excellent historical and local monuments to have the most delicious appetizer.

There is no better way to meet a people than through its people. Y what better place to establish a relationship with the neighbors than their places. That is why we believe it is important that you know some of the most beautiful in the country. We are going, without further delay, to begin the review.

1. Square of Our Lady of Pilar in Zaragoza

Without a doubt, One of the most beautiful squares in Spain is Our Lady of Pilar, in Zaragoza. Surely you have heard of it because it is world famous, and this is no accident.

Plaza del Pilar, Zaragoza - Anibal Trejo /

In this wonderful square you can visit the Basilica of Our Lady of Pilar, a magnificent example of Spanish baroque art. There is also the Cathedral of El Salvador de Zaragoza or the Lonja of the city.
As if all this were not enough, the grandiosity of this square with the Fountain of Hispanity and a sculpture in honor of the great Aragonese painter Francisco de Goya has been completed.

2. Plaza Mayor de Almagro in Ciudad Real

We now travel to Ciudad Real to stop our steps in the Plaza Mayor de Almagro, which symbolizes all the beauty of the place.

Plaza Mayor de Almagro, Ciudad Real - Fernando Garcia Esteban /

One of the reasons why this is one of the most beautiful squares in Spain is its comedy corral, so typical and particular of the area. To this we must add the glazed galleries that rest on their corresponding beams next to the Tuscan style columns that support the buildings of the place.

3. Plaza España in Seville

Among the most important nerve centers in the country could not miss Seville, the beautiful Andalusian city. In its geography we find the Plaza España, work of Aníbal González, located in the María Luisa park.

Plaza de España, Seville - leoks /

One of its most striking features is its semicircular shape, bordered by a channel that crosses any of the four bridges to reach the banks in which all of the Spanish provinces are represented. Also noteworthy are the walls, which show relevant Spanish celebrities.

4. Plaza Mayor of Madrid

Without a doubt, One of the most symbolic and beautiful corners of the capital of Spain is the Plaza Mayor. Every visit to the city must be crowned with a good beer cane in any of the premises of this unique space.

Plaza Mayor, Madrid - Francesco R. Iacomino /

Among the most beautiful squares in Spain, the one in Madrid stands out due to its enormous size. With more than 300 years behind it, this space in the capital is almost 130 meters long and 94 meters wide. In its extension we discover places like the Arco de los Cuchilleros or the Bakery House.

5. Plaza del Obradoiro in Santiago de Compostela

Another famous corner of Spain is without a doubt the Plaza del Obradoiro in Santiago de Compostela. A monumental space that gives shelter to the famous Romanesque cathedral of international fame.

Plaza del Obradoiro, Santiago de Compostela - Natursports /

In addition, this special corner of Santiago de Compostela stands out among the most beautiful squares in Spain for the beautiful historical complex that the National Parador, the Raxoy Palace, the Hostal de los Reyes Católicos or the Colegio de San Xerome complete.

6. Plaza Mayor of Salamanca

We travel now to Salamanca to stop at its fantastic Plaza Mayor. There we found a jewel of the Spanish baroque dating from the 18th century and that was the work of the magnificent architect Alberto de Churriguera.

Plaza Mayor, Salamanca - StockPhotoAstur /

Is It is one of the most beautiful squares in Spain thanks to its set of porches, with the City Hall and the Royal Pavilion among its most prominent buildings.

«This Plaza Mayor of Salamanca! ... This is the heart full of sun and air, of the city; the civil temple, with no other vault than that of heaven. »
-Miguel de Unamuno-

7. New Square of Bilbao

We finished our review in Bilbao approaching the Plaza Nueva. A classic and elegant place dating from the mid-nineteenth century and that has some of the most beautiful villa buildings held under beautifully arched arches.

Plaza Nueva, Bilbao - Jarno Gonzalez Zarraonandia /

These are, in our opinion, the 7 most beautiful places in Spain. However, we must say that there are many more cities and towns in our country with places of great charm that also deserve to be included in this list. Unfortunately, time is money and we have run out for today.

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