6 reasons not to bring technology to your trips

Are you addicted to your smartphone or iPhone? Well Here are 6 reasons not to bring technology to your trips. Soon you will see that, no matter how addicted you are to mobile devices, there are compelling reasons to escape from the modern world and leave them in the background for the duration of the escape.

1. Bringing technology to your trips is overweight

Whether you travel as a backpacker or if you do it with your full suitcases, there will always be times when you will have to pull your luggage. It is clear that a mobile phone does not involve a large load, but the laptop and other technological items will be a great surcharge.
Imagine traveling with your smartphone, your tablet and your laptop. It is evident that the load will end up being excessive and it will be a lot of weight that will end in back pain And it can even give you the trip for the inconvenience.
So, remember that today, with a good smartphone you already have a small computer that includes a camera of excellent quality. It is not necessary to carry more weight or more technology to your trips that end up being a hindrance.

2. Enjoy life

Everything seen on the internet is a reflection of one's life. If you already have the reality before you, why do you want to be in front of the screen all day?

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What has amazed us in pages like this one you can have before your eyes on each trip, which makes technology unnecessary during your stay away from home. So that, look up from your tablet screen and live every second of the getaway as if it were the last.

3. The constant search for WiFi

¿You have noticed those people that when they arrive at a bar, the first thing they do is ask for WiFi? Is it really necessary to choose a table in a restaurant according to the strength of the signal? Wouldn't it be better to enjoy a good meal, a beer or the typical gastronomy of the land? Do you really have to post every step you take on social media?
When you take a trip, you just have to worry about enjoying. You'll worry about sharing your adventures with friends and acquaintances when you return.

4. Bringing technology to your trip tires your eyes

Like is logic, having your eyes on a screen for a long time ends up getting tired, so the jet lag is accentuated, for example. In addition, you will not enjoy the views in their optimal state.

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Forget the technology screens for a good while when you travel and put your five senses in everything around you. Take advantage and let yourself be imbued with your favorite destinations without the need for a screen in between.

5. Avoid theft

Another good option for which technology should not be taken on a trip is theft. If you go to a particularly insecure country, be sure that you will become a target with legs for thieves and undesirable if you take out your brand new smartphone.
Do not forget that if a thief sees you with a good mobile phone, he will intuit that it is not the only thing that can rob you. Thus, it seems to carry just the right thing and avoid being the object of desire of people who can turn an idyllic journey into a real hell.

6. Live trips without technology

Bringing technology to your trip can make you not live life in all its immensity. As much as the advances of the modern world facilitate a great number of tasks, we must not do everything through computer screens and phones.

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We must not travel through the screen of a mobile, because there are many wonders that we lose along the way.

Talk to your travel companions, get carried away by the people of each area you visit, enjoy the gastronomy and wonders that hide the lands away from your home and travel feeling free to carry little luggage and eager for real experiences.
In any case, it should be noted that we should not be excessively squared in this regard. That is, a trip and technology do not have to be enemies. So, let's take advantage of each other and use the devices to their right extent and when you play.

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