Make a wish on one of these sites and it will come true

That the deepest wishes come true is something we all dream of, but sometimes it is difficult to achieve. Luckily, however unrealistic they may be, there is the possibility of seeing them fulfilled, at least according to the beliefs that the inhabitants of some parts of the world place in certain monuments.

If you want to try your luck, pay attention, let's meet some of those monuments. Maybe you are encouraged to make a getaway.

Good luck

Having luck in life is one of the greatest desires of the whole world. There are places where its inhabitants seem to have it much closer.

Heart of Midlothian, Edinburgh

Heart of Midlothian in Edinburgh - Juriaan Wossink

In the immediate vicinity of the Saint Giles Cathedral, specifically in the Royal Mile, is the heart of Midlothian,a drawing made on the ground in the 19th century combining granite slabs. The famous writer Walter Scott published in 1818 a book with the title of this Scottish symbol.

The emblem was created in the place previously occupied by the city prison, as a reminder and tribute. In those days, those sentenced to hanging were executed outside the prison walls so that everyone could contemplate their suffering. Upon leaving, the prisoners showed their dissatisfaction with the law by spitting on a point on the ground as a complaint.

That same space is occupied today by this curious badge. It is common to see both locals and tourists spit inside the heart with the intention of obtaining good luck.

"Do not pretend that things happen the way you want. He wishes, rather, that they occur as they are produced, and you will be happy.

-Epictet of Phrygia-

Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle, Milan

Vittorio Emanuelle Gallery, Milan - Pavel Ilyukhin

This covered shopping promenade is one of the most famous in Europe. Inside it houses establishments of many of the leading and most luxurious fashion brands.

Its roofs are covered by a glass vault and its floors are decorated with mosaics, among which stands out the one that represents the Toro de Turin.

Although at first it may be a somewhat shocking tradition, it is totally true. It is said that he who wishes to make a wish has only to place his heel on the testicles of the huge white bovine It occupies the center of the design. Without moving your foot from your position or lifting it, you should take three turns on yourself. For the desired aspiration to come true, it will be necessary for the claimant to think about it constantly while performing said act.

Searching for love

If you do not have a partner and are thinking of looking for the love of your life, start packing.

Trevi Fountain, Rome

Trevi Fountain, Rome - beboy

Both Romans and travelers say that the Trevi Fountain is one of the most beautiful and popular in the world. The myth that accompanies this original monument emerged in 1954, from the hand of the film entitled Three coins in the fountain, which tells the adventures of two sisters in search of love in Rome.

Legend has it that he who wishes to leave his destiny in the hands of the goddess fortune should turn his back to the fountain and, according to his needs, throw a certain amount of coins over his left shoulder. A coin will make you return to Rome, with two you will find the love of your life in Italy while if he throws three he will end up marrying an Italian.

Shimane Temple, Japan

Shimane Temple, Japan - KPG_Payless

The great Shinto shrine of Izumo Taisha, the town of Shimane, is the place where singles from Japan come with the intention of finding love. It is said that in this temple dedicated to Okuninushi, the god of betrothal and happiness, the priests cohabit with several oriental deities and that, in fact, annually during the month of October each and every one of the Japanese gods congregate in their inside.

Thick cords hang from the roofs of this monastery. Those interested in getting a partner should throw a coin towards them. If you get hooked it will mean that the divinities approve the future marriage you have chosen and, therefore, that person will be able to commit soon.

This magic formula attracts lots of visitors daily, both Japanese and foreigners, to this small territory that stands out for having the lowest population density in the country.

The gift of the word

Are you lucky in love and life in general but you are not very talkative? Pay attention.

Stone of Eloquence, Ireland

Blarney Castle in Ireland - Patryk Kosmider

Ireland has some of the most interesting and curious magical legends and superstitions. One of the ones that has attracted the attention of outsiders the most is related to Blarney Castle, located around Cork.

Those who wish to obtain the gift of oratory and the fluency of words to be able to convince others only have to kiss one of the stones That make up the fortress. Of course, the task can be somewhat difficult considering that they will have to lie on a low wall and lean on their backs as much as possible.

It is rumored that the rock in question is a fragment detached from the Scone Stone, used during the Middle Ages in the coronation of the kings of Scotland. Therefore, it was incorporated into the tower of homage in the fifteenth century.

Curious, interesting traditions ... and who knows? maybe it is true that the wishes are fulfilled. Maybe it's just a matter of believing that it will be. Willing to try your luck?

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