Ambergris Caye in Belize, a true paradise

We take you to Belize, the Caribbean country of Ambergris Caye, a paradise of white sand beaches, palm trees, crystal clear waters, and abundant marine life in the second largest barrier reef in the world. Come with us and meet Ambergris Caye.

Ambergris Caye is the most popular and extensive island of the two hundred that are part of BelizeIt is located in the northern part of the Central American coast of Belize, close to the Mexican border and faces the Caribbean Sea along 40 kilometers from north to south.

Noted for its wild nature, for its white sand beaches, turquoise waters, its ancient Mayan ruins mixed between waterfalls, rain forests and its proximity to the coral reef, which makes it the ideal place for scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.

Things to do in Ambergris Caye

Snorkeling and diving

In Ambergris Cay is the second largest barrier reef in the world, is located approximately half a mile from the shore of the east side of the island.

Ambergis Caye - Zhu /

In the depths of its waters you can see numerous and exotic species of animals, fish and corals, With a perfect temperature to be able to dive at any time of the day, which makes it ideal for snorkeling and diving.

"There was wild life, virgin, a jungle on the border of the sea, never seen by those floating on an opaque surface."

-Jacques-Yves Cousteau-

If you prefer snorkeling, you can visit Shark-Ray Alley, one of the most popular places for lovers of underwater sports and who want to live the extreme experience of being close to sharks and stingrays. If you prefer night diving you can see many aquatic creatures that are very different from those that can be seen during the day.

Blue Hole - Wata51

There are day trips to different points for diving, such as the Blue Hole (Half Hole), Half Moon Cay or the Turneffe Islands Atoll. The Hol Chan Reserve is one of the most popular diving sites,located 4 miles southeast of San Pedro.


Ambergris Caye It is a very popular destination for fishing enthusiasts, either as fun or to practice sport fishing, so much that fishing tournaments are held here every year.

There are boats available that take the fishing visitor to the inland sea. As well There are guides-fishermen who know the best places for fishing.


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Ambergris Caye has a paradisiacal and spectacular environment that lends itself to navigate its waters and enjoy lilac sunsets. Here are boats and catamarans in perfect condition and fully equipped for those who wish and have experience in navigation, although they are also available with captain and crew.

Catamaran trips can be arranged with local guides. These trips last all day and include a tour of Ambergris Caye, as well as other nearby keys.

Land Tours

In Ambergris Caye, not everything is sea and water beach, there are wonderful day tours inside Belize, where You can visit attractions such as The Bacalao Chico National Park, Mountain Pine Ridge, the Belize Zoo and the Mayan ruins. There is also the option of taking flights to most of Belize with same day return.

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Gastronomy and nightlife

The cuisine of Ambergris Caye It is based on seafood, there is a wide variety of food and restaurants for each type of budget, with menus to meet everyone's taste and demands. If you are not a seafood lover, there are also Chinese, Italian, Thai, Mexican, French and Belizean food options.

At night there are lots of activities. Romantic people who want to relax after a sunny day, can walk under the moonlight to the shore of the beach and enjoy a hammock. For those who still have the energy to enjoy, there are places with a lot of atmosphere where you can dance with live music and exotic drinks.

San Pedro - Wollertz

The town of San Pedro is the meeting point for people of all ages Avid to have fun. San Pedro closes its main street on weekends so that its visitors can walk and enjoy the shops and stalls that are placed along the street selling food, souvenirs, jewelry, local art and much more.

Ambergris Caye represents a true paradise, with many activities for diving enthusiasts and also for those who are not. Come to know this incredible paradise, you will not regret it.

Video: Tour of Ambergris Caye Belize and San Pedro Town (April 2020).