8 paradisiacal beaches of Asia

Asia offers some idyllic beaches in landscapes that blend tropical jungle and beautiful coasts with warm temperatures throughout the year, beaches with crystal clear waters that invite you to dive. It is time for you to know these paradises, come with us, we will take a tour of the paradisiacal beaches of Asia.

The Asian continent is home to many of the best and most beautiful beaches on the planet. There are all kinds: tourist, virgins, various sizes, colors, remote ... in short, beaches for all tastes. We are going to show you some of the most incredible, so you can choose your own paradise.

Dream Beaches in Asia

1. Long Beach, Koh Rong (Cambodia)

The island of Koh Rong is located in the Gulf of Thailand. It comprises 23 beaches, among which this paradise of white sands and turquoise waters stands out. In fact, Long Beach is considered one of the best beaches in Asia.

Long Beach, Cambodia - JM Travel Photography

On the island there are no roads, which has contributed to its virgin state and that its beauty is not contaminated by man. To arrive you must walk a stretch through the jungle, it is also possible to arrive by sea in a long-tailed boat, the effort is worth it.

2. Ta Pho, Koh Kood (Thailand)

This beach is located in the province of Trat and is also called the Thai Maldives for its turquoise waters and for the beautiful landscape it represents. Its line of coconut palms in white sands and turquoise waters can be the perfect image of any traveling postcard.

Koh Kood, Thailand - OlegD

This island has a lush jungle which offers opportunities to explore and enjoy its waterfalls. where you can swim, like Nam Tok Khlong Chao.

3. El Nido (Philippines)

El Nido is a paradise located in the northeast of the province of Palawan. Here you can find some of the most pristine white sand beaches and coves of Southeast Asia, with crystal clear waters and a perfect turquoise color.

El Nido, Philippines - Kjersti Joergensen

It is one of the classics among paradise beaches in Asia.An ideal marine environment for diving enthusiasts and lush nature They make El Nido one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Philippines.

4. Ko Adang (Thailand)

Located on the coast of the Thai south end on the Andaman Sea, in the Ko Turatao National Marine Park, this beautiful beach with crystal clear waters and white sands does not seem to have been discovered by mass tourism.

Koh Adang - karnizz

This National Park is composed of a group of 51 islands about 30 kilometers from the mainland, among which is Ko Adang, a jungle island of virgin coasts to enjoy the natural.

5. Bentota (Sri Lanka)

Bentota is located about 60 kilometers south of Colombo, in the form of a beautiful arch from a stone promontory. Bathed by the waters of the Indian Ocean, Its beaches are preferred by surfers around the world.

Bentota, Sri Lanka - slava296

They are not beaches with many tourists, Here you can live peace and tranquility in its white sands and crystal clear waters that will give you the most intense sunsets you can imagine.

6. China Beach (Vietnam)

China Beach, Vietnam - Peter Stuckings

China Beach, located on the central Vietnamese coast and near Da Nang, will not leave you indifferent. It is a paradise of 30 kilometers long with movie beaches and excellent services for tourists, especially in the Bai Non Nuoc area. It is locally known as Bai Tam My Khe. Not to be missed.

«The memory is the only paradise from which we cannot be expelled»

-Jean Paul-

7. Ngapali (Myanmar)

Ngapaly, Myanmar - Phuong D. Nguyen

The beaches of Ngapali have been recently unveiled as one of the best kept secrets in Asia. The wonderful beaches in the southwest of the country are slowly beginning to develop like the paradises they are.

Has three kilometers of white sand facing the Indian Ocean, with an impressive paradise setting, is the ideal end of a trip to the temples of Bagán.

8. Sumba (Indonesia)

Sumba, Indonesia - Anges van der Logt

This island is the owner of paradisiacal beaches that it is impossible not to visit, located less than an hour by plane from Bali, attracts tourist hunters from beach paradises.

Initially famous as Australian surfers favorite site, it is becoming the new destination of a wider tourism, attracted by its virgin landscape and its native tribal culture.

The beaches of Asia can give you the vacation you deserve, in paradisiacal environments, white sands, crystal clear and turquoise waters. All you have left to do is throw yourself under the shade of a coconut palm and enjoy these beauties of nature.

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