Curiosities of the luxurious Mysore Palace in India

If one wants to know what is true in the phrase "live like a maharajah"Then he has to travel to India. There you will find different buildings that reflect a thousand and one wonders what concept we are referring to. However, in a few places you can understand better than in theMysore Royal Palace, a gigantic building that attracts countless travelers They travel the country.

Where and when the palace of Mysore

This great jewel of the Hindu architectural heritage is located in the south of the country. It is in the state of Karnataka, a territory where you can discover other very interesting places, such as the beaches of Gokarna or the archaeological remains of Hampi. Specifically, it is close to the tourist of Bangalore, from which one can approach to the city of Mysore by train.

Mysore Palace - Alberto Loyo

Despite what one can imagine at first sight, This great palace was built around 1940 and its architect was none other than an Englishman, amazed by Indian art, but he did not hesitate to merge with the forms of Muslim architecture, Gothic art and the prestige of the forms of Rajput.

Thus, the result is splendid, both entering its interior rooms and observing its large facade, built in stone to avoid the fires that had occurred in other previous palaces in this same place. And it is that the first palace on this site was built in the fourteenth century.

The Maharajas of the Mysore Royal Palace

In the Mysore area, the Wodeyar dynasty ruled for more than five centuries. But nevertheless, the great vestige of his long reign is this palace built in the twentieth century, and which ceased to be a royal residence in 1947, when the Republic of India was created, and the numerous courts of the Maharajas disappeared.

However, It is worth visiting the Royal Palace of Mysore to enter the two Durbar rooms. The most protocolarias stays of the maharaja and where he received his visitors to impress them.

Darbar Hall - Dave Ginsberg /

And really impressed is any traveler who enters them, given the opulence of all the details, its beauty and its richness, since here the most precious woods or the richest materials were used, such as ivory, and always worked by the most prestigious craftsmen.

“As much as there is luxury, there will always be something missing. No matter what care you can take when choosing, you will never be happy at all. »

-Chuck Palahniuk-

Curiosities in the Mysore Royal Palace

The visit begins through the Pavilion of the Dolls or Gombe Thotti. There the first thing that surprising is the presence of a mobile throne, carved in wood and completely covered with more than 80 kilos of gold. A throne designed to be placed on the back of an elephant, a usual means of transportation in historical India.

Mysore Palace Gardens - Kelly The Deluded /

Another example of opulence can be seen in a staircase that follows, since there are bronze sculptures that represent in a very spectacular way a fight between leopards. An animal scene like many others that can be seen in the outer gardens of the palace.

In addition another sample of the opulence with which this palace was conceived is found in the Wedding Hall. There at first the floor tiles attract attention, however later impressive stained glass windows are discovered, which were manufactured formerly in Scotland.

These and other curiosities are discovered to the last detail thanks to the fact that with the price of the ticket there is an audio guide in different languages, essential to enjoy the palace and not get lost in its immensity. Yes, It is not allowed that tourists can take pictures of the interior.

More places of interest in Mysore

It is clear that here the main claim is the palace, both during the day to go inside, and at night to see it lit with tens of thousands of light bulbs. And even, an entertaining light and sound show is held every evening.

Lights in the Mysore Palace - Harisankar s /

But nevertheless, there may be other places in the city of Mysore worth a visit. One of them without a doubt in the temple of Chamundeshwari, or the cathedral of St. Patrick. While none can compete in beauty with the palace.

That's why it is better to discover more popular and human places, such as the Dervajara market, where everything is sold and perfectly organized: food, flowers, incenses, perfumes, colored powders, jewelry and clothing.

Video: Mysore palace - Sri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery - Mysore Museum (April 2020).