3 mythical mountains that will impress you

Along the centuries, the endogenous forces of nature, added to erosion, have left their mark on the relief, generating the beautiful mountainous landscapes that we can contemplate today. Beautiful mountains, sometimes impressive, other mystical and always with an almost hypnotic nuance.

Even if it looks like a lie, These rugged wetlands, cold in even ice cold, are inhabited by approximately one tenth of the world's population. If we add to this the growing interest in sports such as skiing, mountaineering and climbing, it is easy to understand the reason that leads us to take a broad look at the heights and make a list of some of the mountains most famous and impressive on the planet.

Sacred mountains, when religion links with the earthly

1. Uluru, the sacred rock of Australia

Mount Uluru - FiledIMAGE

The one that has been called the sacred rock of Australia It is a gigantic granite monolith about 350 meters high which rises suddenly in the middle of the Australian desert.

For hundreds of years this massif has been considered sacred, both by the local tribal cultures and by the pioneers who subsequently laid their feet on the kangaroo land.

The reason is simple, the mountain is able to change color throughout the day. Due to the refraction of the light at different times, as these are happening, the Uluru passes from its morning ocher hue to a blood-red night, causing the viewer the sensation that the king star has been able to heat the stone until make it burn

Mount Uluru, Australia - Stanislav Fosenbauer

According to aboriginal legends, the popularly known as Ayers Rock saw its origin in the confrontation of two rival clans, whose offspring eventually perished because of an evil spirit shaped like a dingo. Mother Nature felt a great sadness at such a calamity and the result was this lavish geographical accident.

2. Mount Fuji, the sacred mountain of Japan

The stories that have considered this Japanese volcano sacred go back to antiquity. Although the correct translation of his name is Fujisan, it is commonly known in Castilian as Mount Fujiyama.

Mount Fuji, Japan - KP Photograph

The first expedition that tried to reach its peak that is recorded was carried out by a single and lonely Buddhist monk in 663. Today, tourists from all over the world climb to their highest area, either to practice winter sports or to contemplate the spectacular views that are obtained from its zenith. Landscape that gives us an idea of ​​the huge amount of things that this splendid mountain has contemplated throughout its thousands and thousands of years of existence.

Mount Fuji - Krishna.Wu

As a curiosity, it should be noted that the women were forbidden to crown their summit until the Meji Restoration was proclaimed in 1868. However, the typical stories of the region state that several women, dodging legal restrictions and dressing in male clothing, managed to reach their peak. In fact, the first documentary record that exists on such events was written in 1605.

Altitude issue

3. Everest, the highest mountain in the world

At almost 9,000 meters high, Everest is the highest mountain on Earth. Located between the exotic lands of Nepal and the territory formed by the Tibet Autonomous Region, this huge elevation of relief owes its name to a surveyor who perished without even reaching the foot of the promontory that until then was known as Peak XV .

Mount Everest - Travel Stock

All those interested in starting a climb on its steep slopes will be forced to pay a permit of approximately 10,000 euros. Those who do not do so may be arrested and taken by the competent authorities to the police station that holds the record of being the highest level police station in the world, and was built there as a control mechanism by the Chinese government.

«Experienced mountaineers are not intimidated by mountains, but are inspired by them. The mountains have been created to be climbed. »

-William Ward-

Three impressive mountains, each for a very different reason, but certainly beautiful.

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