How to organize a last minute getaway

Maybe we had no plans for the weekend until reading on the Internet or watching an advertisement we want to take advantage of some promotion. Maybe while we return from work on Friday we come up with a travel idea to enjoy some holidays. A last minute getaway can be an unforgettable experience ... which of course has to be at least briefly organized. We tell you more below.

Last minute getaway: avoid missing the details

To enjoy a couple of days anywhere in the world planning is essential. And what happens if we have the idea a few hours before traveling? At a minimum you should "comply" with certain details:

1. Be flexible

Although your plan was very interesting, many times we cannot get a ticket, a room or someone to accompany us if we have the time against it. Therefore, adapting to different options is important. You may have to change the destination or the means of transport during lightning organization.

Prague - sharptoyou

2. Choose less conventional destinations

If it's a last minute getaway, choosing Paris to enjoy Valentine's Day in it is crazy. If your idea is to have a great time with your partner, what does destiny matter? The same if you want to disconnect from the routine, spend a weekend with your family or go shopping with your best friend. You can choose between countless alternatives.

Get away from getaways to big cities or capitals because they are more expensive and it is difficult to get good accommodations on weekends. Better opt for villages or towns that are not within the "typical circuit" of tourists.

«Travel in young people is part of education; in the elderly it is part of the experience. »

- Francis Bacon -

3. Search low season locations

You have to look for places where demand at a particular time is lower. For example, if we want to travel during Holy Week there are some places that are full of people (Rome, Seville, etc). If we are in winter, the destinations that have sky centers will also be full and therefore will be more expensive. You can choose the Catalan coast or the Cantabrian area to avoid processions or cities such as Berlin or Madrid during the winter, which do not attract snow lovers.

Andorra - Doin Oakenhelm

4. Make a small suitcase

A getaway includes only a couple of days away from home ... it is not necessary to take the whole closet! (This is also not essential on long trips, but that is another matter). A pair of changes of clothes, comfortable shoes to make the most of the stay and ready. Keep in mind that to save money on low cost airlines a small suitcase is essential ... and you will avoid waiting for it when you get off the plane!

There are even people who already have a medium suitcase prepared and stored at home for these unforeseen events. If you're not so organized, at least write a list of essential objects and store it somewhere visible (for example in the refrigerator door). So the next time you have to pack you will do it faster.

5. Create price alerts

There are several portals that help us organize trips, and especially to take advantage of the offers. Based on destinations in low season or traveling during the week we can save a lot of money. To know these promotions you can sign up for the newsletters of the websites. In this way you will receive daily news about flights, packages or cheaper hotels.

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6. Be cautious

This means that if we usually "escape" a random weekend it would be good to anticipate certain issues: the budget (have a travel savings fund), pets (look for a friend or relative to take them for walks and feed them) or even have no outstanding debts. This way nothing will occupy our minds beyond what we are enjoying on our trip.

7. Organize itineraries

Of course we don't have much time, therefore We recommend you take advantage of blogs to get information. You can even download articles on your mobile or print some itineraries to read during the trip. That way you won't miss anything and make the most of your last minute getaway.

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