The most terrifying places to enjoy Halloween

"Halloween" is a tradition that although it is more popular in the United States, other countries have taken it as their own. If you intend to live a terrifying experience, do not hesitate to choose any of the following places to enjoy Halloween.

Where to celebrate Halloween?

If you are a lover of horror stories and tales of ghosts, witches and vampires, then do not forget to go to these destinations at the end of October:

1. Salem (United States)

Salem Witch Museum - Heather Paul /

In Massachusetts is the "city of witches," perfect for celebrating Halloween with different activities, including reenactments of trials and executions of women doing witchcraft. You can also visit the house of Jonathan Corwin (judge who hunted witches), which is now a museum that explains what happened in the seventeenth century and the history of 26 people convicted of sorceresses.

"Terror is, for the most part, useless cruelty committed by fear"

- Friedrich Engels -

2. Catacombs of Paris (France)

Paris Catacombs - Wyatt Rivard

The City of Light (as the French capital is known) also has a dark part ... underground. In the deepest part of Paris we can find the remains of about 6 million people.

The skeletons (or part of them) were moved there, since there was no more space in the cemeteries. Visitors to the catacombs of Paris say they have seen ghosts, shadows or strange forces during the walk. You dare?

3. Dracula's Castle (Romania)

Bran Castle - Emi Cristea

We don't need to explain why you should go to the best-known vampire castle in the world during Halloween, right? A castle where Vlad the Impaler lived, which inspired Bram Stocker for his book Dracula

It is a scary place worth visiting. During October there are guided tours Very interesting to know the legends of this terrifying character.

4. Ca'Dario (Italy)

Palazzo Dario - Iain99 / commons.

When we think of Venice, we cannot think that it can be a destination for Halloween, however it is. Specific a building overlooking the Grand Canal that contains a strange and terrifying story: the Palazzo Dario.

Everyone the owners and tenants who inhabited the house died suddenly or violently. A place to recreate with truculent stories on October 31.

5. Edinburgh underground city (Scotland)

Gilverton Cove - John Dale

The typical mist of the Scottish capital is the perfect setting for a Halloween night, with its narrow and dark streets full of ghost stories, the famous castle with its legends and paranormal activities.

Further, there is an underground city built during the Middle Ages for the poor. The accesses were boarded up to prevent the plague from spreading through the city. Many of those who lived there died.

When the accesses were opened (which can now be used) they found thousands of bodies. The few who had survived talked about ghost stories and strange events. It is the case of Annie, a girl who died there and contacted a medium in Japan to tell her that she had lost her doll. Many tourists deposit a toy for the little girl at Mary King's Close.

6. Évora (Portugal)

Chapel of the Bones - Simon /

In this city we can find the Bone Chapel, built in the fifteenth century using the remains of five thousand people. The Franciscan monk in charge of this macabre project aimed to show the faithful how transitory and ephemeral life is. Upon entering you can read a sign with a sinister message: "We, the bones that are here, for your hope."

7. Sleepy Hollow (United States)

Maybe your name sounds because of the headless horseman movie starring Johnny Depp. But the history of cinema was based on a legend of the local cemetery. It is said that the ghost of a soldier killed by a cannonball rides every night looking for his head. Do not miss the guided night tour, one of the attractions of the place, especially on Halloween.

Other typical Halloween destinations are Easter State Jail (in Philadelphia, United States), Mexico City (to celebrate the Day of the Dead) and the Terror Museum (in London, England).

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