Rye in England, a village detained in time

To the south of England, in the county of Sussex, there is a population of peculiar charm where time seems to have stopped: the beautiful Rye. This corner boasts of being one of the best preserved medieval cities in English. Located at the confluence of three rivers, this municipality is close to the sea, and practically surrounded by water.

Rye, a lovely place

Its historical aspect gives the town an enchantment that catches the tourist from a distance. Entering in its cobbled streets stand Tudor-style houses with wooden frames. Flowers and verdín look out over the balconies and windows of this fairytale town to receive the traveler. Rye is a real walk through history less than an hour from the English capital.

Rye - Kevin Eaves

Two main arteries

In Rye there are two main streets on which the entire town is articulated. The first is the main artery: High Street. Even being the biggest street, the repeated franchises of the metropolis will not be found. In it, local shops predominate. There, the tourist can find stores with jars of Rye's famous candies. There are also antique stores, art galleries, groceries and tea rooms.

This way It is the perfect postcard that brings together the particular face of medieval England reigning. The architectural ensemble of Tudorian houses framed with dark wood contrasts with the cobbled floor.

Rye - L. Trott

The second artery, Mermaid Street, bewitches which siren song. This is famous for the Posada de la Sirena, one of the best known in the south of the country. Once the second home of smugglers, today stands as a mandatory stop on this lovely journey through time.

The oldest helmet

A 13th century castle

The oldest area of ​​the city is in the formerly known as the citadel. It is here that the oldest buildings are preserved. The part of the preserved wall contains the Ypres tower.

Ypres Tower - Filip Fuxa

This watchtower was built as a castle in 1250 and had a defensive function. Over time, The fort has exercised housing, jail and even mortuary. Today, the traveler will find inside the interesting Museum of the History of Rye.

Maybe the area is the perfect enclave to taste the famous fish and chips or a real pint of Anglo-Saxon beer. If you get close to five, you can enjoy tea accompanied by cucumber sandwiches, as tradition dictates. In the surroundings of Ypres you get the most impressive views of the Rother River, fabulous at sunset.

Important religious constructions

Not far from the Ypres tower you can find the Anglican church of St. Mary. It is a flirtatious religious construction with an interior somewhat different from the usual. The building has a playground for children and even reading area.

Church of St. Mary - jorisvo

The exterior is embellished by the adjoining plots, of superbly preserved medieval houses. Even though all the prominence is taken by the tower clock. The reason is because it is the oldest in operation in all of England, ringing since 1561. On it the inscription "Our time is a passing shadow" remember that the clock does not stop. Not even when everything around the tourist seems to have done so.

That is the spell that surrounds Rye. The unreal atmosphere seems to have flooded every corner, every path, house facade.

"It's okay to have an end to a trip, but in the end, it's the trip that matters."

- Ernest Hemingway -

Behind the seagulls

The ringing of the clock is interrupted by the nearby sound of seagulls. Do not forget that Rye is a coastal town, and therefore the tourist can visit its beach. Just three miles away you will find one of the best fine sand beaches in the English south.

Rye Beach - Julia Kuleshova

This splendid enclave receives the name of Camber Sands, and is communicated with Rye through a path. This walk is ideal for cycling or walking. The green and the drizzle will accompany us on the way almost certainly.

Upon reaching the shore, the traveler can rest their feet by immersing them in the North Sea. Its cold water will calm the fatigue, and the murmur of the wind will flood the ears singing its lullaby of salt. Let yourself be rocked by the landscape and be lulled by seagulls will be the magnificent finishing touch of this historic walk.

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