We stroll through A Coruña, the beautiful Galician city

A Coruña is a city full of attractions. The Tower of Hercules and the Plaza de María Pita are perhaps the two most prominent symbols of this Galician city. This town is also called «Crystal», due to the beautiful houses found in the galleries of Paseo de la Marina. Magnificent prints that rival in beauty with the views that one can see of the port. Not to mention that sea that always accompanies the place. Are you coming to this fascinating ride?

To Coruña, a magical city

Just behind the church of San Jorge, the visitor has the opportunity to sketch a smile. We find here the original Plaza del Humor, a curious space in front of the San Agustin market. In A Coruña it is advisable to visit the markets, to which we can add that of the Plaza de Lugo.

A Coruña City Council - Anibal Trejo

Monuments such as the Tower of Hercules, the castle of San Antón, the Archaeological Museum, the Plaza de María Pita and, in short, the Old City itself, allow us to get an idea of ​​the long past of this city.

The truth is that the new buildings mix styles. But they manage that without erasing the past, giving new life and a new light to the city. The Romanesque, baroque and modernist have merged by printing their own character to the city.

Church of San Jorge - Anibal Trejo

A good attraction of the Galician city is walking is the Paseo Matítimo. There are 8 kilometers of track that we can walk, by bicycle or tram.

«Very noble and very loyal city of La Coruña, head, guard, key, strength and antemural of the Kingdom of Galicia.»

-Motto of A Coruña -

What else can we visit in A Coruña?

The Tower of Hercules is the monument par excellence of the city. It is the oldest lighthouse in the world and is still in operation.

Tower of Hercules - Marques

For its part, the Old City is covered on foot with tranquility. The itinerary begins in the Plaza de María Pita. The Old City rises to the bottom and to the right of the population map. On the walk you can not miss the visit to the Collegiate Church of Santo Domingo and the church of San Jorge.

Another interesting place is the church of Santiago. It is famous precisely for what it is not seen. In the missing atrium the neighbors come together. It has a curious session room and is the first point that pilgrims visited.

And there is still more. The castle of San Antón, which was once a prison. A fort that had to be built on a small island, but that the years caused it to be attached to the city.

San Antón Castle - Alberto Loyo

Orzan Square It is the meeting point of all surf fans. Here we can take the opportunity to visit other prominent points of interest, such as the La Marina galleries. Also the House of Sciences, the House of the Ancestors and the House of Fish.

As for the museums that are worth visiting in the city, the following are notable: The Electric Museum, Military Museum, Emilia Pardo Bazán Museum and the Provincial Museum of Fine Arts.

What to visit in the surroundings of A Coruña?

There are several areas at the end of A Coruña that are worth visiting. We start byStake of Bars, orn rocky promontory full of cliffs. A magnificent site from which to see migratory birds and the northernmost tip of the peninsula.

Stake of Bars - Guillén Pérez / Flickr.com

Of course, you have to travel the Rías Altas: O Viñedo, Ortigueira, Cedeira, Ferril, Betanzos or Puentedeume. Coasts in which we can see great contrasts, from vertiginous cliffs to quiet beaches. Beaches among which stand out Gandario, Barrañan or Bastiagueiro.

We do not forget the gastronomy, since A Coruña is a city where it has a great importance. We are in a place that has many good establishments in which to taste Galician cuisine.

The tapas are concentrated in the old part of the city, specifically in the street of the Star, which is where the most famous bars are usually. In the area the lacón con grelos or the Galician stew is traditional, in addition to the empanada. In A Coruña there are many artisanal ovens that are dedicated to traditionally elaborate these empanadas.

What is the jewel in the crown at the gastronomic level is fish and seafood. Stresses the sole, hake or turbot and, of course, Galician octopus, rich barnacles or crayfish, lobsters or shrimp. A Coruña has many attractions, a walk well worth this visit to Galicia, right?