Zafra, a surprise in the heart of Badajoz

Zafra is a small town in Extremadura full of charm and history. This city knows how to perfectly combine its historical heritage and the special charm of its streets with its facet of industrial city and services. All with the aim of making visitors feel at home and having many reasons to return. Let's go to Harvest, to catch the "Sevilla Chica". Can you come with us?

Zafra, a charming city of Extremadura

Zafra is located south of Extremadura, in the province of Badajoz. It is located 508 meters above sea level in the Zafra Río Bodión region, on a plain at the foot of the rocky escarpments of the Castellar mountain range.

It has a pre-Roman origin and his primitive Roman name was Restituta Julia. It was under Arab rule from the 11th century until 1241, the year in which Ferdinand III the Holy would reconquer the city.

Palace of the Dukes of Feria - chiqui

It was the place of residence of the Dukes of Feria, who forged part of their history. It had a great splendor thanks to the fairs and livestock markets that were held periodically. And also its geographical position helped to consolidate economically, being in full Vía de la Plata.

Today, the old part of the city attracts attention with its narrow streets, which form a singular framework. It is bounded by a circular wall of Arab origin that was rebuilt in the fifteenth century. From this wall you can still see the doors of the Cube and Jerez.

"A wise traveler never despises his own country."

- William Hazlitt -

What to see in Zafra

1. Convent of Santa Clara

Santa Clara convent - fotosmak /

This convent It is currently a museum that exposes the history of the city and of the Poor Clare nuns, who inhabited it since its foundation. His official name is Monastery of Santa María del Valle and was founded in 1423 by the first lord of Feria, Gómez Suárez de Figueroa. In the convent its remains are found in a gothic alabaster tomb.

ANDThe whole of its buildings was intervened from the fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries. The church has a rectangular plan, with a single nave. It also has a main chapel, a sacristy, the funeral chapel of the Dukes of Feria, the choir of the nuns and two porches, one classicist and another Mudejar.

2. Alcazar of Zafra

Alcazar de Zafra - holbox

The Alcazar de Zafra is the current Parador de Turismo de Zafra. It was built in 1437 by Don Lorenzo Suárez de Figueroa. It is a crenellated construction, with a rectangular floor plan, in which its tribute tower stands out.

At sight it has an aspect of strength, however, its interior has a palatial appearance and elegance. It has a central courtyard with a Renaissance cloister, made by Juan de Herrera. In its rooms the coffered ceiling of the Gothic-Mudejar dome that covers the chapel and the Golden Hall, with Arab influences, stands out.

3. Plaza Chica and Plaza Grande

Plaza Chica - holbox

These arcaded squares are two of the most emblematic places in Zafra. In this area the merchants were installed to offer products and merchandise. Touring these places makes it easy to imagine what everyday life was like in Zafra centuries ago.

The Plaza Chica is the oldest. It is linked to the Plaza Grande by the Arquillo del Pan, where the image of the Virgen de la Esperancita is found. We also find the famous Vara de Zafra, a reference of measures for former merchants.

Also, you can find numerous bars and restaurants, where you can taste the magnificent cuisine of the area. From the Plaza Grande, you can reach Seville Street, a very commercial street Where you can buy everything. The Seville street, ends at the Plaza de España, one of the most modern in the town.

4. Church of the Candelaria

Candelaria Church - Alberto /

The Candelaria church is a spectacular Gothic style building Dating from the mid-16th century. He became a collegiate from 1609 and his design seems to be between a church and a defensive fortification.

Inside highlights its organ, the main altarpiece and works by Zurbarán and Churriguera. Nearby is the Zafra Town Hall, a building that, although its facade has no special interest, has a courtyard that is well worth visiting.

This is Zafra, a charming city in Extremadura with a lot of history and many charms that you can not miss.

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