Meet Burg Kreuzenstein, a fantasy castle in Austria

Burg Kreuzenstein is an impressive fortress located in the so-called Lower Austria, more specifically in Leobendorf, a short distance from the charming Vienna and north of the famous Danube river. The castle has been a spectator of the slow and cruel passing of the years, even being demolished once. However, today this is one of the most visited buildings in the country.

So beautiful it is and so attractive it turns out Burg Kreuzensteinwhat Inside scenes of several movies and series have been shot. Stand out among them The Three Musketeers Y The pillars of the earth.

A little history of Burg Kreuzenstein

The fortress was built in the 12th century, by the counts of Formbach. Later it happened at the hands of the Habsburg family, who kept it a long time.

Burg Kreuzenstein - Lipskiy

Regrettably, during the Thirty Years War part of it was destroyed. The little that remained of the castle later happened at the hands of Count Wilczek. The latter bought and remodeled at will in the nineteenth century. His intention was to create an ideal place to house his magnificent collection of art and weapons.

Materials and elements were brought from all parts of the continent for reconstruction. The work was not easy, the works lasted three decades, but finally the construction was transformed into a new and different work.

But nevertheless, a fire in 1915 would destroy the archive and the library, and also part of the treasures they housed. Already in World War II, the castle was in a crossfire zone and not only suffered damage, it was also looted. Fortunately, material damage could be repaired.

Burg Kreuzestein - Mikhail Varentsov

In this beautiful castle, Romanesque and Gothic styles are combined in perfect harmony. The first impression that the visitor receives when admiring it is an impression of enormous robustness. It appears before who contemplates it as a totally impregnable fortress. The second impression is the surprise coming from its sophistication. It has an exquisite and delicate beauty in which it participates believing to be the character of a story.

«It is not the beauty of a building that should be looked at; it is the construction of the foundations that will stand the test of time. »

-David Allan Coe-

Building Example

This fort is one of the best known and unique castles in the Austrian country. Its striking image rises to the sky on a hill supported by its magnificent bearing. Its walls are of considerable thickness. In them you can easily distinguish those built in medieval times. The same applies to those that were created in the 19th century.

Burg Kreuzenstein - Tsendra Yaroslav

The exterior is great thanks to its battlements. However, the interior has nothing to detract from. Each and every one of its dependencies manages to move us to a dreamlike medieval world. It is what has penetrate perfectly preserved rooms.

Once inside, we can take a walk through the armory, which houses a large number of weapons, mounts, helmets and swords. As well Surprise the impressive showcase of the chapel for prayer. So many couples approach to marry. However, what most attracts the attention of the visit is its picturesque kitchen, in which you can contemplate a large table built in oak.

Some curiosities of Burg Kreuzenstein

The visit to this fantastic place is worth it, not only for the castle, but for the natural park that surrounds it. The place is full of dense vegetation that attracts attention from the top of the fort and can be seen from its high battlements.

Burg Kreuzenstein - (Richard Semik)

One of the most classic traditions of the area is the dedication to falconry, a custom of ancient roots. It is sensational to see the birds passing by creating shadows on the ground. Hawks and azores fly over this medieval fortress performing spectacular exhibitions and acrobatics.

Competitions held in this area are very famous worldwide. They come from fans around the world willing to spend some fabulous days where they can prove their great skill in this art.