How to do the Camino de Santiago? Helpful tips

It is a much sought after tour, both by believers and those who are not. However, When is the first time that the Camino de Santiago is going to be done, many questions arise that we want to answer. Therefore, we will tell you everything you need to know about how to make this route so special that it will take you through fantastic places.

Tips for make the road to Santiago

Where to start, what to do, what to take or if you will endure it are many of the doubts you may have. Well, here we answer some of them. These are the steps to follow to make the Camino de Santiago.

1. Get fit

Way of Saint James - Hans Wichmann

You should start months before, or even a year, in preparing physically. The first thing to think about is that it is a path that is done on foot or by bicycle, so it will require good health and great resistance.

If you are not used to sports, do not want to train to the fullest from one day to another. Start by leaving the car at home and going everywhere, do not use the elevator and walk loaded with a backpack. A month earlier, intensify the activity with good gym sessions.

2. What should you put in your backpack?

It is true that there are many things that may be needed for a road of 800 kilometers, but walking with a weight of more than ten kilos on the back, the truth will be very tedious. So that this does not happen we give you some advice: The weight of the backpack cannot exceed 10% or 12% of our body weight.

And of course, should never exceed 10 kilos, because you could cause back injuries. This is not a joke, and even if you think you can carry more weight, consider the experience of others. There have been many who have had to send part of the backpack to their homes because they couldn't take it anymore.

3. How to put everything in the backpack

Pilgrims - Gena Melendrez

It is best that you separate and pack all the material you carry in plastic bags. Try that these bags do not make noise so as not to disturb your fellow travelers.

Always place the heaviest on the bottom of the backpack and go up with the least heavy and most delicate up. Try to put up the things you will use most as a canteen or camera.

4. Consider the time of year

A journey of so many kilometers should not be taken lightly and, of course, it is not the same to do it at 40 degrees or at 0 than with a pleasant temperature. Therefore, the time of the year should be something to take into account.

From April to June and September and October are the best months to do it, not only because of the weather but because you will have the facility to find shelters to sleep in. The rest of the year some remain closed.

5. The feeding

Camino de Santiago - Cortyn /

Note that this tour entails a huge energy expenditure and that, therefore, you should eat better than usual. Start the day with a good breakfast that contains vitamins, proteins and hydrates and on the way eat foods that give you energy, such as nuts or energy bars.

6. Watch the roads

There will be many sections that you will have to do by road. Watch where you walk and stay tuned for cars. Although vehicles tend to respect pilgrims a lot, don't trust them, your safety depends only on you. Take care of yourself and those who walk near you.

7. Always have your mobile charged

That the battery is full and carry one or two external in the backpacks is essential. In the event that an accident happens, you get lost or any other inconvenience, it will be very useful to call emergencies.

«You know more about a path for having traveled through it than for all the conjectures and descriptions in the world.»

-William Hazlitt-

With these tips you just need to plan the route very well, make the backpack and go on a pilgrimage! Doing the Camino de Santiago, even if it is not in its entirety, is an experience you can never forget.

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