Ayna, a beautiful natural site in Albacete

Albacete is a province that has beautiful natural landscapes that will awaken your senses. We want you to join us to visit a beautiful town: Ayna, a place where nature is the main protagonist. Are you coming?

What to see and do in Ayna

There are many charms of this place, but we will try to make you a list of the best so you don't lose details. Let's go!

Devil's Lookout

Mirador del Diablo - commons.wikimedia.org

Very close to the road you will find this viewpoint. From it you will have privileged views of one of the most beautiful valleys in the area, as well as of World river. The brightness of the sun, together with the green of the mountains, the blue of the river and the white of the houses of Ayna form a unique image that you can never forget.

Toba Corner

This is a beautiful place between mountains and surrounded by waterfalls and water ditches. There are municipal swimming pools and a playground for all family members to find fun. Walking through the greenery of nature while listening to the sound of the waters will be the most relaxing for your mind.

The sidecar

Sidecar - EscapadaRural / Flickr.com

La Rodea Grande is the curve that leads to Ayna. Right there is a sidecar that serves as a tribute to the film Sunrise, which is no small thing, from the famous José Luis Cuerda, who chose the town of Ayna as the setting for the film. As you will understand, if you go to Ayna, a photo with this sidecar is essential.

Balcony of the Picarzos

This balcony is on the main street of the town, next to the social center. From it you can have an incredible panoramic view of the main mountain of the town. It will leave you enchanted, you will not want to crush yourself from there for at least several minutes.

Mayos Viewpoint

Ayna - Héctor Rodríguez / Flickr.com

This viewpoint, in addition to offering you a wonderful and incredible view of the valley, offers you a delight for your senses as you go to it. To access the viewpoint you must cross a narrow alley that passes between rocks, some rocks that will open with a crack that will make you reach it.

Barranco and Alto streets

These they are the two most traditional streets of the town, where all the essence is stored. Its narrow careers, its roofs and its houses with narrow facades have a special charm that seems to give off magic. Let yourself go with them calmly, you will enjoy it.

Church of Our Lady of the High

Ayna - Héctor Rodríguez / Flickr.com

This temple dates from 1953 and was built on the remains of the Yedra Castle and the old hermitage dedicated to the same virgin. As highlights, we mark its tower, as well as its three bells, dating from the 18th century.

Main Square

This is the main town square and meeting point for locals and tourists. There are ancient stone bleachers and a centenary elm That will deserve a picture. It is used for events such as concerts, so if you visit this town in summer, you may be able to enjoy many of its shows.

Behind the square is one of the oldest laundries in the area, where the women did their old-fashioned laundry thanks to water ditches that ran through the area.

Ayna - Aitivamon NATURE / Flickr.com

Scenarios of the movie

As we told you before, the movie Sunrise, which is no small thing it was filmed in Ayna, and the locals have marked the places that appear in the film, so you can visit them and photograph yourself in them. Some of those places are the hotbed of men, the orchard of Uncle Pedro or the passage of Elena to the terraces.

Toba stream waterfall

The spring of Toba overflows water everywhere and to "eliminate" the rest, it does so majestically in the form of a waterfall. A natural show that you can not miss on your visit to Ayna.

«Once you travel, the journey never ends. The mind can never let go of the journey. »

-Pat Conroy-

Ayna is a small town in Albacete but, as you can see, it has many places to discover. Is this one of your next destinations for your vacation or a small getaway?

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