10 very special stairs you'll want to climb

Some are spectacular, others lead to incredible places or are part of them. They are very special stairs, so much, that surely you would not mind climbing and lowering them, even more than once. Wear comfortable shoes because we are going to do some exercise, but it's worth it!

1. Vatican Museums

Vatican Museums - Vicente Villamón / Flickr.com

It is an imposing double helix staircase. What does it mean? That a person who goes up and another who goes down does not necessarily have to be found, since it has two ramps. The optical effect and the light that enters through a glass rosette on the ceiling give life to a spectacular image, don't you think?

2. Librería Lello e Irmao, Porto, Portugal

Lello e Irmao Bookstore - * Bárbara Franco / Flickr.com

There are very special stairs, but this is for several reasons. Because it is in one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. Because its sinuous shapes and its color are wonderful. Because your marquetry work is of a unique delicacy. And because J.K. Rowling, doesn't this ladder remind you of Harry Potter's worlds?

3. San Juan de Gaztelgulatxe, Bermeo, Spain

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe - Jon Chica

It is one of the most beautiful corners of the Spanish coast. A small hermitage on top of an islet. And to get there you have to save 240 steps. From any point of the way the views are spectacular, and every effort is worth it. By the way, when you arrive, ring the bell three times and make a wish, tradition says it will be fulfilled.

4. Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy

Spain Square - Jon Chica

If there is a romantic staircase, this is the Spanish Steps in Rome. 135 wonderful steps to reach the church of Trinità dei Monti, or to sit down to rest, or to admire the views, or even to enjoy fashion shows because ... isn't it a perfect setting?

5. Chambord Castle, France

Chambord Castle - Jose Ignacio Soto

Another magnificent double helix staircase. You can go up and down different platforms and do not cross, but see yourself, thanks to some windows that overlook the lantern. What does this particular ladder have? Than it is believed that Leonardo da Vinci himself designed it, who spent the last years of his life working in this place.

6. Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra, Portugal

Quinta da Regaleira - Sean Pavone

Quinta da Regaleira is a dream world, a mansion surrounded by gardens full of symbolic elements and references to Freemasonry. And they highlight a well that, they say, symbolizes an initiatory rite. If you go down the stairs that surround it you will reach a small hall from which dark passages leave. You dare?

7. Chand Baori, India

Chand Baori Staircase - Mo Wu

3500 steps are in this well, and that although it is barely 20 meters deep. They are spread over 13 levels of perfect symmetry. This jewel is over a thousand years old and is in Abhaneri, in India. Surely you dare to look out at the cistern, also to go up and down the stairs?

8. Melk Abbey, Austria

Melk Abbey - She / Shutterstock.com

This abbey is an impressive temple of baroque forms that keeps inside one of the most beautiful stairs you can imagine. A magnificently ornate spiral staircase that leads to the library. As an anecdote, we will tell you that Umberto Eco inspired in this abbey his well-known work, The name of the rose.

9. Sanctuary of Bom Jesus, Braga, Portugal

Bom Jesus - Lev Levin

They are very special stairs because they allow you to reach one of the great pilgrimage centers of Portugal. A magnificent staircase built in the eighteenth century and that saves a drop of more than one hundred meters. It has a zigzag shape and a whole series of sources in its different sections. By the way, if you don't want to upload it, there is a funicular.

10. Very special stairs: Gate to Heaven, China

Door to Heaven - unge255_photostock / Shutterstock.com

These are very special stairs because they take you to heaven. More precisely at the Gate of Heaven, a huge hole over a hundred meters high in the mountains of Tianmen. Of course, to achieve it you need strength, because you will have to climb no less than 999 steps. In any case, the landscape is so fabulous that it is worth a try.