The Green Lake of Lanzarote, a very unique place

The Puddle of the Clicos, better known as the Green Lake of Lanzarote, It is part of the Volcanoes Natural Park, which, in turn, surrounds the National Park of Timanfaya Next, we discover everything related to one of the most impressive places on the Canary Island that occupies us. Can you come with us?

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The Green Lake of Lanzarote is surrounded by a volcano that has been collapsing over time due to the erosion of wind and sea, hence the lagoon is on the same crater. It is not something very common, and that is precisely one of the reasons why you cannot miss this wonderful place.

However, what stands out most of the lake with the naked eye is the green color of its waters, consequence of a kind of seaweed -Maritime Ruppia- which lives inside and the sulfur they contain, which contrasts with the black sand in the surroundings. The picture, therefore, can not be prettier.

Regarding its measures, the Charco de los Clicos, whose name is due to shellfish of the same name that were common in the area, It has an approximate length of 100 meters to the Atlantic Ocean, as both are connected through underground cracks.

On the other hand, At the foot of the lake there is a black sand beach, although bathing in it can be dangerous, as it faces the geographical north of Lanzarote, where the sea is more treacherous. Then, before taking the step, one must make sure that it is completely safe. If not, you can always enjoy its beauty. 

"Nature always carries the colors of the spirit."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Green Lake - alexilena

Getting to the Puddle of the Clicos is very simple. We just have to go to El Golfo, a small fishing town. From different points of the island depart buses that arrive to the place. You can also go by car, if one is available, and leave it in the parking lot.

Once in the parking lot, and before visiting the charms of the Volcanoes Natural Park, we can move to a viewpoint which, as with the lake, can be accessed completely free of charge. From it you can enjoy wonderful views of the surroundings.

After the visit you can return to El Golfo to eat or have some fresh fish dinner facing the sea, but also to discover more about the charming Canarian municipality, where you can breathe tranquility and tranquility.

Film set

Green Lake - lkpro

The beauty of Green Lake has not gone unnoticed by various film directors. Among them, Pedro Almodóvar, who shot several scenes in place for one of his most recent and well-known films:Broken Embraces, starring Penelope Cruz, Lluís Homar and Blanca Portillo.

The green lake has also been the scene of other films: A million years ago, by Don Chaffey and whose exteriors were shot entirely in the Canary Islands; Y My enemy, by Wolfgang Petersen, a science fiction classic in which Dennis Quaid appears.

Los Hervideros - Lightastic /

As we have seen previously, the Green Lake of Lanzarote is part of the Volcanoes Natural Park, which houses other charms among which Several examples of lava wash and lapilli fields stand out. The presence of several seabird communities also stands out.

Besides birds, it is reptiles that dominate the place. More specifically, the Haría lizard, which rarely reaches 25 centimeters in length, and the rugged perenquen or majorero. Both species have adapted perfectly to the exceptional conditions of the park.

Regarding the vegetation, this is very scarce being a land of volcanic origin. However, we can find from wild geraniums to little hearts, through bejeques, a tropical plant characterized by its leaves, arranged in rosettes.

Video: Lanzarote: Lago Verde - El Golfo the green lake (April 2020).