7 essential things to do in Valencia

The Valencian capital is the third largest city in Spain and a magnificent destination at any time of the year. It stands out for its mild climate and great historical heritage, interspersed with modern buildings and many parks. Do you want to know what you should do in Valencia without excuses? Take note.

Things to be done do in Valencia

Valencia is a city that has attractions for all kinds of tastes and ages. A city where you can enjoy endless activities. We are going to know some of the things that anyone can and should do in Valencia.

1. Walk through the Barrio del Carmen

Barrio del Carmen - Balaguer Tone

This neighborhood is one of the most typical of the city and one of the oldest. It is located in the center of the Old City, where it grew between the two walls, the Christian and the Muslim. There are still remains of both.

Then, in case you get tired, always you can have a drink for the many places in the Plaza del Negrito. It is one of the liveliest places in the neighborhood and where many begin the nightly fun.

2. The Albufera of Valencia

Albufera of Valencia - Pabkov

If you are in Valencia, it is worth taking an excursion to the Albufera Natural Park. This is a place of spectacular beauty, chaired by a large lagoon that the Arabs called "Mirror of the sun." A whole space for long boat trips.

And not only can you enjoy a unique natural space. When you want to eat, El Palmar is an ideal place to have a good paella.

3. Go up to the Miguelete

Miguelete Tower - Brian Kinney

The Miguelete tower is the best viewpoint the city has for many centuries. The bell tower of the cathedral of Valencia is witness to much of the local history, and it still makes it possible to see the city of Turia from above.

It rose in the fourteenth century and is Gothic in style, having to climb 207 steps in case you want to reach the top. Since you are in the cathedral, you should not miss your visit, as well as stroll through the Plaza de la Reina and the Virgen.

4. Know the roofs of the Silk Exchange

Silk Market - Tim Venchus / Flickr.com

The Lonja de la Seda or the Merchants is one of the most beautiful buildings in Valencia. It is a clear work of Valencian civil gothic and for years it is a World Heritage Site. Surely when you are inside you will be admired of the profile of the columns that are twisting towards infinity. And don't miss their gargoyles either.

In addition to your visit, you have in front of the Central Market, a modernist building with a dome that removes the hiccups. An interesting place that makes you think that it looks like a cathedral of commerce.

5. Visit the City of Arts and Sciences and enter the Oceanogràfic

Science Museum - Luis Ascenso / Flickr.com

Among the things to do in Valencia, seeing the modern area is essential. It is a very prominent complex in the cultural and architectural. It was designed by Santiago Calatrava and worth a visit.

Among its most prominent buildings, the Prince Felipe Science Museum. A building that has its inspiration in the skeleton of a dinosaur.

The Oceanogràfic is currently the largest aquarium in all of Europe. It is also worth visiting L'Hemisfèric, which is a movie theater with a planetarium, L'Umbracle (a garden walkway covered by arches with an outdoor art gallery), the Reina Sofía Palace of the Arts or the square Agora cover.

"Men are distinguished less by their natural qualities than by the culture they provide themselves."

- Confucius

6. The North Station

North Station - David Ionut

This station is the main train station in the city. The building stands out for being a modernist monument of enormous proportions by Demetrio Ribes. If you walk through its lobby you will see how you almost made a time travel at the beginning of the 20th century. Enjoy with its wooden lockers, mosaics and decorated ceilings.

On the facade we can see motifs dedicated to the city, like orange blossoms and oranges. Nearby is the bullring, which is worth a visit, even from the outside.

7. The Town Hall Square

Town Hall - Roman Babakin

It is undoubtedly the most important square in Valencia and is surrounded by beautiful modernist buildings. In one of the extremes we find the Town Hall, made in baroque style. On the other is the Post Office building, where it is possible to enter to visit its famous dome.

From the City Hall itself You can take San Vicente Street, the old Via Augusta and stop at the Plaza Redondawhere is it possible to do some of shopping, which never hurts after seeing so many lovely places, right? You already know 7 things to do in Valencia and you shouldn't miss it. To enjoy!

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