What is the best time to travel to Europe

When you want to travel to Europe there are endless possibilities. There are sea and mountain destinations, cultural or leisure. But before embarking on the adventure and start planning a trip to Europe, it is best to look at when is the optimal time to travel to the old continent. Let's go with it.

The best time to Travel to Europa

When choosing the most attractive time of year to travel to Europe, Everything will depend a lot on what you want to do and the countries you are going to visit. There are many weather differences between them.

In winter, the Nordic countries, for example, reach very low temperatures. But instead, in the summer, the heat in the southern part of the continent can be quite overwhelming.

"It's okay to have an end to a trip, but in the end, it's the trip that matters."

-Ernest Hemingway-

Travel according to seasons

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All this makes Perhaps the best option to travel to Europe is spring. Take special advantage of the months from March or May, when the weather is warmer throughout the European geography.

Autumn is not a bad time either. However, it is more complicated to find a better time, as the rains increase at this time of year.

If you travel to Europe for a specific reason, in case of skiing or wanting to attend a cultural event, you will have to travel in a specific month. This will make you have to check the current weather conditions. Remember that there are phenomena that can change temperatures quickly.

In this sense, we talk about heat waves. They will increase the sensation of heat in several southern countries or in long periods of rain that occur in the Nordic part.

Travel to Europe in low season

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On the other hand, if you travel through Europe outside the high season (August, Christmas, Easter and other holidays)you will be able to save considerable money. A reality is that in low season it will always be cheaper to find hotels in Europe.

You have to keep in mind that you are going to avoid the always annoying agglomerations and concentration of tourists when you travel in seasons that, at first glance, do not seem the best times to travel to the European continent.

In addition to the time of the year, there are many other factors that must be taken into account. Remember it when you have to organize your getaway to the European continent.

The weather, an important factor

Oristano, Sardinia - Elisa Locci

The weather is essential when we consider a tourist visit. It is clear that at this level the north and center of Europe are much more complicated than the south. Mediterranean countries benefit from better weather during much of the year.

Even in the summer season, we can see how if we visit the Netherlands or Germany we will find some days where the rain will be present. Instead, temperatures will be more pleasant and less suffocating.

On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that even countries with, in theory, good weather, also have areas with cooler climates. We have a clear case in the northern part of countries such as Italy or Spain. Here the weather or landscape varies greatly if we visit Bilbao or Milan when compared to Cádiz or Bari, respectively.

In summary

Geiranger Fjord, Norway - Aleh Mikalaichyk

Traveling and getting right on trips is the sum of several factors. In this sense, it is clear that if you want to spend a good day you have to plan everything, including time.

It is true that some countries in good weather are very popular. This may make the cost of the tickets more expensive, but also the tourist enjoyment is greater than if you are going to have low temperatures or rains every two by three.

Therefore, our recommendation is to think well where you want to go. Study the weather you usually do on the dates you visit. It is not 100% accurate, but it should be clear.

And of course, Everything will also depend on what you intend to do on your vacation. If you are looking for sun and beach, better summer. Also if you are going to travel to the northern countries. If you are looking to visit cities or take tourist routes, in spring or early autumn the milder temperatures will make the trip more enjoyable.

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