Villages of La Rioja, wonderful land of vineyards

Rioja wine is known throughout the world, and is also one of the most valued. The reserves do not seem to be finished and the crops are still able to give excellent wines. Today We want to visit some towns of La Rioja, a beautiful land of vineyards.

Villages of La Rioja with wine tradition


Haro - Graeme Churchard /

Despite being a small town, it is one of the best known thanks to its huge amount of vineyards and wineries and the huge amount of wine it sells every year. But also, It has a beautiful old town that is worth exploringIn fact, it is declared as a Property of Cultural Interest.

If you have the joy of visiting this town in June, don't miss the Battle of Haro Wine. It is a fun celebration considered a Festival of National Tourist Interest.

«Wine is bottled poetry.»

-Robert Louis Stevenson-

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Landscape of Ábalos in La Rioja

The rural environment of this population is already worth a visit, but if we also tell you about its beautiful old town and the history it contains, starring Moors and Christians, surely curiosity will wake you up even more. In addition, it has a viticultural trajectory that smells and feels for every corner.

Be sure to visit his church, with a beautiful gothic facade of the fifteenth century. They are also worth their mansions, including that of Canton, Las Verjas or López Hornillos.


Aguas Mansas Castle in Agoncillo - Zarateman / Wikimedia Commons

This is another of the towns of the D.O Rioja, and the color of its roofs seem to want to imitate the liquid of which many of its inhabitants live. Although there are those who leave it aside when they pass by the road, whoever ventures into it will see the beauty it contains.

In its main square a medieval castle and a stone stalls church, surrounded by narrow cobbled streets full of charm. It will not take long to see it, but it will be forgotten.


Collegiate Church of San Miguel Arcángel in Alfaro - Alberto /

It is one of the oldest La Rioja villages. Its most emblematic monument is undoubtedly the San Miguel Collegiate Church, Named the largest temple in the region. Los Sotos del Ebro, Nature Reserve since 2001, is another of Alfaro's essentials.

Surely the name of this town sounds to you,and if we mention Alfaro's storks? Yes, 130 nests of these birds with more than 500 specimens have been found on their collegiate church, so the people are determined to protect them. They have already become a tourist attraction, so they do not want them to leave their territory.


Arnedo view

Surely you've had wine from this town, well It is one of the towns of La Rioja with the highest production of wines. As a town it is beautiful and well worth a visit. A rare hill that seems to have been molded and cut by Picasso himself is what is most obvious when you approach Arnedo.

The collegiate church is one of its biggest tourist claims. It is a population with great industrial activity, not only in the wine world, but also in the footwear world, just walking through its streets and enjoying its wineries and craft workshops is a delight. Further, its palace-houses and its Arab castle are other essentials that you can't miss



If there is a town surrounded by vineyards everywhere, it is Briones, which is why one of its greatest essentials and tourist claims is its Museum of Wine Culture. It is believed that his name is related to the Ebro by a tribe that besieged the place and lived on the banks of the river.

Its shape is due to the wall it had in the past and they are called fences, so each of its streets are called the same way. Walking through them aimlessly is something you cannot miss. Each one has a different story to tell.

There are many other towns in La Rioja that are worth visiting, but these you must not miss them. Do you already know which ones you will know on your next trip?

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