Discover Mallorca in 7 days, an unforgettable tour

Discovering Mallorca is discovering a paradise on earth. The island has everything: from an incredible atmosphere to fabulous beaches and wonderful nature. All who travel there return home absolutely pledged from the Balearic island.

We have prepared a small guide to tour Mallorca on all four sides in 7 days. It is designed for you to rent a car, something almost mandatory if you want to have time to know the whole island. Do you sign up to come with us?

Discover Mallorca Day 1: the northeast of the island

Cala Ratjada in Mallorca

During the first day we will move through the area of ​​Artá. There are some of the most beautiful and secret coves on the island. We especially recommend Cap Farrutx, a small cliff that descends towards the sea.

Continuing along the same road you will arrive at Betlem, where after crossing some trails, you will access small coves with turquoise water as the protagonist.

Continuing with the route, the next stop this first day will be Son Serra de Marina. There you will find one of the best and most beautiful beaches of Mallorca. It is a practically virgin beach surrounded by a natural park. Undoubtedly, an idyllic place to relax until lunchtime.

After having lunch, the next stop will be Muro beach, which is once past Can Picafort. And finally, the lighthouse of Cala Ratjada, where you can reach the last sunbursts and dine in one of its many restaurants.

Day 2: The Tramontana mountain range

Deià in the Tramontana mountain range

Declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, the Tramontana mountain range is a mandatory stop and one of the most beautiful places on the entire island. On the climb to the top, and from the road, you can see gorges, caves, canyons and animals like goats or eagles.

Do not forget to stop at the monastery of Lluc, and in the prehistoric caves of Ses Cometes des Morts. They are two special places, different and full of mystery. You can also enjoy some of the beaches in the area, such as the famous Sa Calobra cove (watch out for the parking, is quite expensive).

Of course, you must visit Sóller, which is considered the capital of the Tramontana. It is a small town with narrow streets and squares surrounded by olive trees and orange trees. All this forms a beautiful postcard that will remain in your memory.

And finally on this second day to discover Mallorca, you must visit Deiá. It is a town from which peace emanates on all four sides, framed between the mountain and the sea. You will not regret spending the last hours of the day there.

Day 3: the east of the island

To compensate for the car hours of the previous day, this third day you can enjoy the beaches and coves of the east side of Mallorca. One of the most beautiful in this part of the island is Cala Varques. You will reach it after walking for about twenty minutes along a path that you can take after leaving the car in a parking located on the MA-4014.

In Manacor you will find two other coves, of great beauty, although quite crowded: Cala Anguila and Cala Mendia.

After spending the morning there, a good option for the afternoon is to visit the famous caves of Drach. It is one of the most famous places on the island and requires a virtually mandatory visit. Of course, keep in mind that the ticket is worth € 15.

Day 4: Cap Formentor

Cap Formentor

On this fourth day you will return to the west of Mallorca, making some stops along the way. The first visit will be Alcudia, a small walled village, which has one of the best beaches on the island: the cove of San Vicente.

We also recommend Cala des Mas Pas. There you will find a very special beach bar, nothing elegant, but you will love it, especially if you decide to return here in the afternoon. You will not regret.

After, you can go, through a mountain road, towards the north, towards Cap Formentor. When you arrive at one of its many viewpoints, its views will leave you breathless. Without a doubt, one of the postcards that you will remember from this trip.

Day 5: Valldemossa and Banyalbufar


Returning to the imposing Sierra de Tramontana, The first stop must be in the beautiful town of Valldemossa. It is located just 19 kilometers from Palma, and has a very particular charm thanks to its narrow streets, its bluish tower or the gardens that are scattered throughout it. This one of the most beautiful villages in Mallorca, without a doubt!

Another stop you can make this day is in Banyalbufar. It is a town not too crowded with a characteristic architecture of houses that seem to fall into the sea by the cliff. You can go down to the cove there, although if you do, you better not think that later you will have to climb the steep slope and enjoy what you find there.

Day 6: Portocolom


The penultimate day to discover Mallorca, head to the south of the island. There you will find Portocolom, a fishing village not too frequented by tourists.

In the village There are two amazing little coves that you should visit: Caló des Moros and the stone cove of S'Almunia. If you don't want beaches with stone, you also have your choice: Cala D'or, an imposing emerald water in an urbanized area.

Day 7: Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca Cathedral

You cannot leave the island without exploring the streets of its capital, Palma de Mallorca. Discover its cathedral, La Lonja, Bellver Castle or La Almudaina Palace.A gold brooch for this tour to discover Mallorca.

We will make three recommendations for you to enjoy Mallorcan cuisinewhich is excellent

  • Emilio Innobar, in Carrer de la Concepción 9.
  • The Mirona, in street Sant Jaume 21A.
  • Flexas Bar, in Carrer Llotgeta 12.

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