Design your own route through the western United States

The western United States offers endless possibilities and destinations to live aroad trip unforgettable. Below, we present the most prominent and popular places on the West Coast so you can choose the ones that best suit your tastes and, thus, design the perfect route.

Due to the great extent of the American giant, you will spend most of the time driving. Of course, it will be worth it: along the way you will find unique places and wonders of nature that must be visited at least once in a lifetime.

Plan your trip well: some tips

Monument Valley

If what you want is to visit the most important points of the West Coast of the United States, you will need to spend at least two weeks. We recommend you investigate and design the route before taking the plane ticket to know exactly how many days you will need.

When to make the route

Regarding the best time to visit the western United States, The best months are all June and early July and September.

Be careful with weekends

Try that the visit to places like Yosemite, the Grand Canyon or the Antelope Canyon does not coincide on the weekend. Similarly, avoid going to Las Vegas during these days, since the price of hotels can triple.

"You have to travel to learn."

-Mark Twain-

13 places in the western United States that you can't miss

We will discover some of the most impressive destinations on the West Coast. They are places that you must point in your route yes or yes.

1. Los Angeles

The Angels

Stroll along the Great Avenue and the Chinatown and Little Tokyo neighborhoods to experience the city's mix of cultures. Apart from these places, don't forget to visit Hollywood and the Walk of Fame, the beautiful area of ​​Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Sunset Trip and, of course, Venice Beach.

2. Joshua Tree National Park

Weather agents have created rocky shapes that look like another planet and they have turned Joshua Tree National Park into one of the best destinations for climbing.

3. Mojave Nature Reserve

Here you will find the largest concentration in the world of Joshua Trees or Joshua Tree, typical of the area. In addition, it highlights the incredible variety of native fauna.

4. Grand Canyon of the Colorado

Grand Canyon

This wonder of nature, formed by the action of water for millions of years, deserves to be visited at least once in a lifetime. If you don't have much time, we recommend hiring a helicopter trip. And if you can, sign up for a route that goes down the riverbed to discover it.

5. Havasu Falls

This excursion is only for the more adventurous. Havasu Falls are located within the Havasupai indigenous reserve and you will have to request a permit to enter. In addition, you must have an excellent physical form, as it is an unavailable place.

6. Monument Valley

The curious rock formations of reddish colors form a landscape that seems supernatural. It usually appears in typical Western movies.

7 and 8. Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend

Antelope Canyon

Both geological formations are located in the town of Page. If you are fond of photography, you can get stunning images, both in the Antelope Canyon and in the Horseshoe Bend, especially during sunset.

9. Bryce Canyon National Park

Stand out for the 'hoodoos', rock formations of very peculiar shapes that make up a unique landscape. At sunset it is spectacular.

10. Death Valley

You can not miss the Death Valley. Inside, there is the dry point of the highest negative altitude on Earth, almost 80 meters below sea level. Further, in summer it becomes the hottest place in the world, with temperatures of 58 degrees.

Make sure you fill the gas tank well and bring enough water, if you do not want to experience the extreme conditions of Death Valley.

11. Yosemite National Park

Half Dome in Yosemite

A must stop if you travel through the western United States. Here you can admire one of the largest trees in the world: the American Giant Sequoia or giant sequoia. Y in Yosemite there are two of the mythical destinations for climbing enthusiasts: Granite formation of the Grand Captain and Half Dome.

12. Sequoia National Park

In the Giant Forest or Giant Forest, you will find the largest concentration of giant redwoods on the entire planet. A truly fairytale landscape where you will feel tiny.

13. San Francisco

Golden Gateen San Francisco

The most popular tourist attraction in the city is the Golden Gate, one of the most famous bridges in the country and protagonist of many films. Another interesting activity may be the visit to the Federal Prison on the island of Alcatraz, whose most famous prisoner was Al Capone.

If you have plenty of time, you can include many other destinations in your itinerary: Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, The Wave, San Diego, Zion National Park and Arches National Park.