The most dangerous places in the world. Do you dare to visit them?

Burning sands, frozen roads or islands full of snakes, are just some of the examples of the most dangerous places in the world. Traveling is always a pleasure ... Or maybe, not always.These destinations are not made for cardiac, since they will take you to the limit. If you are an adventurer wanting to live unique experiences and know incredible places, get ready.

The most dangerous places in the world

Our planet is a fascinating place that never ceases to amaze us. Its great diversity allows us to admire magnificent mountains, immense rivers, endless deserts, majestic volcanoes ... But this beauty also hides a dark side.

In this article We will review some of the most dangerous places in the world. Some are the work of nature, others by the hand of man. Do you dare to meet them?

James Dalton Highway, Alaska, United States

Dalton Highway

This famous icy highway is one of the most dangerous that exists. Its 667 kilometers cross one of the most isolated areas of the country and end very close to the Arctic. It is easy to imagine the danger it contains.

The low temperatures, the ice and the large number of blizzards in the area make this highway a true skating rink. Only true driving experts dare to drive through it in winter. Never driving was so risky.

Death Valley, United States

Rascetrack Beach - Vezzani Photography

We stay in North America to tell you about the next destination, a great natural oven. This stunning desert in southeastern California, It is one of the warmest places on the planet. Here 56.7 ° C have been registered.

The mountains form a barrier that prevents precipitation from entering, which causes heat to become extreme in this place. Would you dare to spend a whole day there?

La Gouffre Berger, France

Descent to le Gouffre Berger- Gilbert Bohec / Wikimedia Commons

Descending through "the cave of death", thus dubbed by those who dare to visit it, is a true spectacle. This cave is one of the most feared by explorers, hence its name.

It is more than 1200 meters deep and a lake inside. It is a true trip to the center of the Earth, full of dangers, but also of beauty.

Guoliang tunnel, China

Guoliang Tunnel - LosApos / Wikimedia Commons

This recent tourist attraction is a real danger. It is a tunnel five meters high and four meters wide It is carved on the same mountain. And for him that vehicles of all kinds pass them.

Its "builders" were the peasants of the village of Guoliang so as not to remain isolated. Its only safety measure is its wooden pillars. Sometimes, it is best not to tempt fate.

The Antelope Canyon, United States

Antelope Canyon - Scott Prokop

This gorge north of the state of Arizona is a magical place. Water currents have been sculpting this narrow gorge for centuries. Its vertical walls allow light to enter, turning it into a light show.

But do not forget that, although incredible, it is also one of the most dangerous places to visit. The reason? The rains are able to flood the caves in just a couple of minutes. Therefore, the visit can only be done with experienced guides.

The Devil's Pool, Zambia

Devils Pool - joepyrek /

The African continent is full of true wonders. One of them is Victoria Falls, where we find this dangerous natural pool. It is a pool on the edge of the falls.

At that point, the water rushes from more than a hundred meters high. The daring bathers who get in when the water is low are protected by a wall of natural rock. Would you be one of those who would tempt fate?

Kjerag Rock, Norway

Kjerag - lkoimages

This rock is hung at 1000 meters high, embedded between two completely vertical walls. Located in the Lyse fjord, it is a real challenge to vertigo. The bravest ones pose on top of the rock despite the inevitable trembling of the legs. And you, would you dare to climb?

The crater of Darvaza, Turkmenistan

Fire at the Door to Hell / Tormod Sandtorv

We found it in the desert of Karakum. This huge cave is full of natural gas that has been burning for more than forty years. Little wonder that it is known as "the door of hell."

Its 60 meters in diameter and its 20 meters make it a real fire show. If you did not believe in hell, here is a proof of its existence.

"The greater the danger, the greater the fear."


What do you think about this tour? Would you dare to visit any of these sites? They are among the most dangerous places in the world, true, but in some cases they are also among the most beautiful, or at least surprising.

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