We visit the Monfragüe National Park in Extremadura

We travel to the province of Cáceres to know one of the fifteen Spanish national parks. Located between the Tagus River and the Tiétar, Monfragüe National Park is one of the most visited in Spain. Do you feel like going through it and falling in love with its landscapes? We will enjoy its wonderful surroundings. Get ready!

Monfragüe National Park, natural history

In 1979 the future Monfragüe National Park became a natural park and, finally, in 2007 it reached the status of a national park. It is located between the towns of Trujillo and Plasencia, in the Extremadura province of Cáceres.

Tagus River

It is one of the largest natural spaces that exist in Spain and receives approximately 200,000 visits per year. In 2003, in addition, it was named Natural Reserve of the Biosphere by Unesco.

It is crossed by the Tiétar river, tributary of the Tagus, whose mouth floods the interior of the park. The origins of the park date back 500 million years ago. Thanks to the erosion and the formation of mountain ranges, little by little the Monfragüe park was shaping its current appearance.

The landscapes have a very diverse morphology due to the sediments that have been formed over the years. Due, the biological wealth of the park is very large. In this space of more than 100,000 hectares inhabits a great variety of protected species, both animal and vegetable.

How to visit the park

Viewpoint Salto del Gitano

The route of the Monfragüe National Park is designed to be done on foot. Once you get there, you must leave the car parked at the entrance (it is forbidden to leave it elsewhere). We advise you to go through the interpretation center and choose a route appropriate to your interests and, above all, to your physical condition.

When you have already chosen your route, the tour is free. There are many observatories distributed in points of interest to which we advise you to pay attention to fully enjoy your stay.

If you are an athlete, you can cycle through the park. There are routes designed to make them on two wheels. They are very well planned, with stops in several municipalities to rest and, above all, very well signposted with beacons, arrows, pictograms and information panels.

Rules and tips to visit Monfragüe park

Monfragüe National Park - Ignacio Gallego / Flickr, com

Monfragüe National Park is open every day of the year. No need to reserve or any type of permit. In addition, admission is free and circulation is free, as long as you do not leave the areas authorized for visits.

In the park there are some spaces reserved for the freedom of the animals and the interaction with them can harm both the animal's habitat and the people. Further,it is forbidden to feed the animals, make noise or pluck vegetation.

To fully enjoy the visit, we advise you to wear comfortable clothes and discreet colors. Also some binoculars to observe the animals, as well as food and drink. Finally, do not forget to bring your mobile phone to notify in case there is an emergency.

During the trip your pets can accompany you, as long as you carry them tied and controlled by the possibility of encountering wild species.

What to visit in the park?

Francesco Veronesi / Flickr.com

Some mandatory stops in Monfragüe are distributed by the numerous municipalities that cover the park. We advise you to enjoy the castle of Monfragüe and its panoramic view from the top of the tower.

You will have incredible views of the vegetation and birds like vultures and other birds of prey. To get there you will have to climb a path to the top, but we are sure it will be worth the trip.

We also advise you to visit the municipality of Villarreal de San Carlos. Here is the visitor center, so it is a good starting point to start your visit. This small town in Extremadura was born in the 18th century and you can take the opportunity to visit the hermitage of the Virgen del Socorro.

One of the most special moments occurs between September and October. That is when you can enjoy the bellowing of deer. It is the call of males to females to mate.

Of course, there are many more things you can do in the park, such as enjoying the views of the Tagus River. In the area of ​​the meanders you can contemplate landscapes that will impact you. And if that were not enough, this park is considered one of the best places to observe the sky at night. What will the stars be like from here?