Sampo icebreaker cruise: an amazing experience

Making a cruise on the icebreaker Sampo is a unique experience It is worth living at least once. An unconventional trip that allows us to enjoy all the charms of Lapland. Do you want to know more about him? Of course, it will not leave you indifferent.

History of the icebreaker Sampo

To know the origin of Sampo we have to go to Helsinki, specifically in 1960. It was then that this ship was built, within the reconstruction plan of the Finnish icebreaker fleet.

Icebreaker Sampo - Eduard47 / Wikimedia Commons

Two more boats of the same type were built next to him. Boats that had an ancestor that operated for fifty years, since 1898, in the cold waters of the north of the country.

In 1987, Sampo ended its activity as an icebreaker. But his future would not be scrapping. The municipality of Kemi decided to acquire the ship to give it a very different function than it had had until then.

This was how the icebreaker It became a tourist attraction. Initially the idea produced rejection. However, today the cruise is demanded every year by hundreds of passengers.

Features of the Sampo icebreaker

Icebreaker Sampo - /

Focusing on its characteristics, the boat has a length of 75.7 meters and a sleeve of 17.4 meters. And it weighs nothing less than 3541 tons! This is explained because the icebreaker function is possible thanks to the weight and thickness of its sheet, which opens the route.

Also, the Sampo icebreaker has four engines that allow it to advance at a speed of 16 knots in the open sea; and between 6 and 8 knots by the icy sea. On this last case, It is capable of cutting more than one meter deep of solid ice.

Make a cruise on the icebreaker Sampo

The boat, which has a capacity for 150 people, It operates from the end of December until the middle of April. In that period of time we can make our reservation through the official website of the icebreaker, which leaves from the port of Ajos, ​​seven kilometers from Kemi.

Baltic bath

There are various options. One possibility is to spend the night in the Snow Castle and make a four-hour cruise. This activity has a duration of two days and a cost of around 800 euros. Of course, it includes, in addition to the stay, food and other advantages.

We can also spend the night in Rovaniemi. In that case, we can opt for the option in which the bus transfer is included in the cruise. With it you can also visit the Snow Castle and you can enjoy a meal and a bath in the Baltic. In this case the price drops to 470 euros.

To complement our experience aboard the Sampo, We can make a snowmobile safari through the Baltic. The guide will pick us up at the Kemi hotel to start the adventure. The program includes a stop at a reindeer herder camp. All this in exchange for disbursing 500 euros.

Finally, There is the possibility of paying only for the cruise four hours at the icebreaker Sampo. The price: 320 euros. We will also have a guided tour of the ship, food or brunch and bath in the Baltic.

The experience of floating in the Baltic waters is one of the great attractions of the cruise. To do this, passengers wear special costumes. Of course, you must be over 12 years and measure more than 1.45 meters.

What else awaits us during the journey

Sampo cruise - Juska Wendland /

In addition to the above, making a cruise on the icebreaker Sampo implies much more. It is possible to discover the structure of the boat, from the machine room to the deck.

There is also a point where the cruise stops in the middle of the sea and lower the catwalk For what? So that we can descend to the frozen surface of the sea and walk through it. Did you expect it? No, right?

What we do expect is that, after knowing everything about the cruise on the icebreaker Sampo, you are encouraged to live the experience. There are few boats that allow you to enjoy an adventure like this in Europe. An adventure, without any doubt, unforgettable. You sign up?

Video: Sampo Icebreaker. Finland Icebreaker Cruise (April 2020).