Denali National Park: an incredible space in Alaska

Denali National Park, in the interior of Alaska, owes its name to a mountain that houses and that is the highest mountain in North America. However, it has many other charms that have made it one of the biggest tourist attractions in the state. Can you come with us? You will not regret.

Denali National Park Features

Grizzly Bear - Gregory «Slobirdr» Smith /

Denali National Park was founded in 1917. It covers an area of ​​more than 24,000 km², making it the largest in the United States. It is crossed by the Alaskan mountain range and in it you can see various ecosystems.

Because of its proximity to the Arctic circle, Most of the park is made up of tundra. However, it is possible to see other plant areas. The most frequent trees are spruces and willows. There are also about 400 species of flowers, including the goldenrod, the epilobio, the lupine or the gentian.

Regarding wildlife, black and brown bears live in the park, that feed on blueberries or bison cherries. Moose, gray wolves, arctic squirrels, caribou, marmots, American hares, foxes and a long list of mammals also live. As for the birds, they emphasize the large crow or the magpie of Hudson.

What to do in the park

Denali Peak

In the park you can perform numerous activities. It all depends if we go in the summer or in winter. During the first,it is possible to go hiking (There are several routes that leave from the visitor center), cycling, fishing or camping in the good weather.

While, when temperatures are lower we can practice cross-country skiing. It is also possible to do sledding with dogs or snowshoes, enjoy snowmobile excursions, etc.

However, The main activity of the park is to travel the road that crosses it in a shuttle vehicle. It allows you to enjoy all the charms of the place, while the driver offers information of interest by a microphone. Places are limited, so it is best to make a reservation in advance.

During the journey stops are made in strategic places. Thus, it is possible to admire the natural wonders that we find and take pictures. It will also be easy to contemplate some of the animals we have mentioned. But, above all, we will enjoy spectacular landscapes.

The route ends at Wonder Lake, in whose waters, and if the day is clear, it is possible to see Mount Denali reflected. A mountain that is almost 6200 meters high.

Price and how to get to Denali National Park

Denali National Park - Daxis /

The entrance fee to Denali National Park is $ 10 per person and 20 per vehicle. It can also be accessed with the Annual Pass of the US National Parks, which costs $ 80. Once there, if you plan to camp, you have to pay 10 or 20 dollars a day, and 20 or 30 for motorhomes.

Regarding how to get to Denali National Park, there are several possibilities. One of them is to opt for public transport, because there are several buses that depart from Anchorage or Fairbanks to the place. For its part, the Alaska state train arrives directly at the entrance.

Those who prefer to go on their own, can rent a vehicle and follow the George Parks Highway or Alaska Route 3. Once in the park, you can access driving, but for this, and as we have already seen, you have to pay. Of course, in certain areas circulation is prohibited.

By last, the most adventurous can take a delta or helicopter tour. You can hire in Anchorage. In this way it is possible to enjoy great views of all the beauty of this incredible natural space.

As you could see, Denali National Park is an impressive place, full of natural attractions that are worth visiting at least once in your life, don't you think?