Corners in which spring is special

Spring is one of the times we like the most, especially for traveling, thanks to its pleasant temperatures and the landscapes are adorned with flowers and colors like no other. Do you want to know those cities, countries or places where spring is special? Then come with us!

Places where spring is special

Spring is special in many corners of the world, and not only in natural spaces, but also in many cities. This is a tour to enjoy this season to the fullest.


Zaanse Schans

To think of spring is to think of the colorful tulip fields of Holland. This country is essential for travelers at any time, but in spring it is even more beautiful. In addition to that, the trees that border the Dutch canals become of different shades for their flowers, which begin to attract butterflies and birds.

A beauty that if you have the joy of seeing in person you can never forget. As a must see, we recommend the Keukenhof gardens , where the tulips of a thousand colors come together as in a carpet that tries to dress the whole field.

"They can cut all the flowers, but they can't stop spring."

-Pablo Neruda-

Belgrade, Serbia

Saba river in Belgrade

It is perhaps not one of the most popular cities to spend a vacation, but Belgrade has wonders that others do not have such as the Danube River or the Saba. In this time when good weather knocks on the door, the floating bars and restaurants give a splendid touch to the city.

Y we must especially mention the Kalemegdan park, where the striking colors begin to appear to dress the place of cheerful and attractive tones. A unique place where you can enjoy a magical and unforgettable vacation.

Cape Verde

Migrating Whales

Although when thinking about spring, flowers and colors come to mind, there are natural phenomena that only take place at this time of year. It’s the time when whales can be spotted, They pass through Cape Verde to South Africa, looking for a warmer climate.

For this reason and for many other reasons, such as its vineyards, Cape Verde is the ideal destination to go in spring. Do not forget to visit its botanical garden, Spectacular!

Marrakech, Morocco

Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech

Even if you think Marrakech stands out for its buildings, its narrow streets and its beautiful doors, in spring its walls are dressed in colorful flowers that give an even more magical atmosphere to the city.

Further, Spring is the best time to visit the desert and sleep there, because the nights will not be as cold as in winter and the risk of storms is not so great.

Melbourne, Australia


Australia, exotic place where there are. If this continent stands out for anything else, it is because of its splendid nature, which becomes even more special when spring comes. Melbourne is full of parks, trees and places to enjoy it to the fullest.

Among other things, in addition, it will be common to see cricket championships in their parks They are held at this station. Not to mention the Lego Squad Project, which is presented in the library of the east side of the city.

Sevilla Spain

Gold Tower of Seville

Seville has a special color, or so the song says. Well, in spring its color becomes more special. Horse carriages, flower pots on the facades, Maria Luisa's park dressed in colors and a very pleasant climate make the city even more beautiful at this time of year.

But if spring is special in Seville it is for something else. The best known fair in the world, the April Fair, takes place at this station. Unique event in the world where you can enjoy wine, dance, food and much folklore. And smell!


Mount Fuji - lkunl

Japan is a country where spring is special. Approach Hakodate, Here the almond trees in bloom turn a wonderful pale pink. It is not surprising that Van Gogh himself will be inspired by the Japanese spring and translate it into his works.

Don't forget that cherry blossoms also bloom in spring in Japan, a natural phenomenon that attracts millions of tourists every year. There are dozens of cities where you can see them, and Hakodate is one of them.

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