Dunnet Head in Scotland: visit a very special place

It is one of those natural spaces that you can not stop photographing. In Dunnet Head you will find some of the most impressive cliffs in Scotland. In addition, it is surrounded by meadows and trails that will make you have an amazing time.

But beyond its beauty, what will get your attention is the low tourist influx. It is possible that when you visit the area there is no one else around. Thus, your experience will be much more amazing, because you will see the immensity of the cliffs alone.

Discover with us the best tips to spend a day at Dunnet Head. If you travel to Scotland, do not hesitate to visit this place. It is little known, but usually leaves a great taste in the mouth of everyone who makes a route through this wonderful country.

Where is Dunnet Head?

John O'Groats

Dunnet Head is located on a peninsula of Scotland. Specifically, it is the northernmost part of the country, without counting on the small islands. Therefore, you can not miss on those routes that run through the northernmost part of the island of Great Britain.

One of the closest locations is John O'Groats. There you can see a famous signpost at the end of the road that has the same name of the town. It is common for pilgrims to take pictures with him, although for this you have to pay a small amount to its owner.

The city of Thurso is also nearby. It is convenient to travel from here, it will be the last populated place you can step on your visit to Dunnet Head. In addition, in this town you can see some interesting point without wasting much time.

What will you see and do at Dunnet Head?

Dunnet Head Lighthouse / Gertjan van Noord / Flickr.com

You can explore the Dunnet Head coast on the spectacular cliffs. More or less, it takes about two or three hours to travel around this place. But the advice is that you take all the time you want, because few times in your life you will enjoy views like these next to the Atlantic Ocean.

Y don't forget to bring some food and water to spend as much time as you want, until you get tired. What better place to enjoy a picnic than the cliffs of Dunnet Head? Of course, leaving everything clean afterwards, because the richness of this type of places is due in large part to its good conservation.

If you are a photography lover, don't forget your camera. Every two steps you will find a different view that you want to capture in a photo. And of course, the light of summer is not the same as that of winter, nor the morning light as sunset, so if you go at different times you can appreciate more the beauty of the cliffs.

The giant boulders

Duncansby head

As your route passes through the green meadows of Dunnet Head you will discover wonderful landscapes. And you will reach the one that attracts the most attention: two large masses of stone elongated and placed vertically inside the sea. These two boulders do not leave anyone indifferent.

The atmosphere is perfect. You will hear the sound of the waves that break strongly on the cliffs and the cliffs. And you will enjoy the peace of being alone in this natural environment with fabulous views.

In fact, It is one of the most spectacular areas of Great Britain. If it is not one of the most visited, it is because it is quite remote. For example, to go from Edinburgh you have to make a journey of more than five hours by road. That is why it is worth visiting if you are making a route through the north of the country.

What clothes are more recommended?

In Dunnet Head you will almost certainly find a windstorm. So it is best not to go with summer clothes with which you can go cold. In addition, the wind can come accompanied by rain.

If you see that it is, an umbrella is not the best option. The most recommended if these situations occur is to wear a raincoat and waterproof clothing. And, of course, exercise caution along the cliffs, especially with children.

Video: Dunnet Head Lighthouse is the most northerly point of Scottish Mainland built in 1831. (April 2020).