A route through the valleys and hills of Dryanovo in Bulgaria

Dryanovo, in Bulgaria, is a small city that hides places full of charm. It is surrounded by fabulous landscapes, and among its hills you can discover a beautiful monastery and an incredible cave. Next, we talk about all this. Are you with us on this tour?

Dryanovo monastery in Bulgaria

A few kilometers from Dryanovo in Bulgaria is the Andaka river valley. And in it, the Natural Park of Balgarka, perfect for some hiking route and enjoy at the same time the landscape and various constructions of interest.

Dryanovo Monastery

It is there is the Dryanovo monastery, San Miguel Arcángel. It is the most important religious site in the city and one of the best known in Bulgaria. It was founded in the 12th century, during the reign of Tsar Kaloyan. Subsequently, it would be destroyed and rebuilt several times. He even changed location!

The current monastery complex dates back to the 19th century.It consists of several residential buildings, the San Miguel Arcángel church and a mausoleum. This houses an ossuary in which the remains of some of the country's revolutionaries are preserved.

In the mausoleum you can see a statue of Bacho Kiro, hero of the April 1786 Uprising. This revolt would be decisive for Bulgaria to achieve independence.

Likewise, in one of its constructions several discoveries discovered in the area are exposed and belonging, for example, to the Stone Age or to the Copper Age. All of them allow us to have a clearer idea of ​​the history of this place and of the region in general. The input is two cams, which is equivalent to one euro.

The Bacho Kiro cave

Bacho Kiro Cave - Plamen Stoev / Flickr.com

Very close to the monastery, about ten minutes walk, is the Bacho Kiro cave. It is a network of underground galleries of 3.6 kilometers located inside a limestone cliff.

It is perfectly equipped for visitors and has lighting that allows you to enjoy the unique shapes of its stalactites and stalagmites. There are two routes, one of 350 meters and another of 700. Both are done with a guide.

During the visit we must take into account a series of norms or recommendations. For example, it is essential to wear warm clothes and appropriate shoes, since the humidity in the cave is 95% and the ground is quite slippery.

Veliko Tarnovo, a lovely city

If the route is done by car, just over twenty minutes from Dryanovo is Veliko Tarnovo, which for many is the most beautiful city in the whole country and an essential place of visit.

To its charm its historical importance is added, because During the Middle Ages it was the capital of the Bulgarian Empire. Therefore, there is no excuse for not visiting it.

What to see in Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo

Among the attractions of the city highlights the strength of Tsarevets, On the hill of the same name. To access it you have to cross a stone walkway that offers great views of its natural environment. Around it are the ruins of the Royal Palace or the Baldwin tower.

Equally recommended is the Prison Museum, where you can visit its different rooms, such as those where the most dangerous revolutionaries or the torture room were imprisoned.

Another place not to be missed is Samovodska Charsia or Grand Bazaar. It is a market of medieval origin in which you can choose from a wide variety of artisan products or taste the typical food of the country.

And, to end the visit, nothing like going through two neighborhoods of the city. Asenova is the oldest neighborhood in Veliko Tarnovo and it has five churches concentrated in just one square kilometer of extension.

For its part, Varosha neighborhood is the most characteristic of the city. You'll love walking through its cobbled streets and contemplating its whitewashed houses and buildings belonging to the Bulgarian Renaissance.

As you could see, the city of Dryanovo in Bulgaria is a good destination. It is for its charms and for what you can visit just a few kilometers. You dare? Without a doubt, you will not be disappointed.

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