Discover paradisiacal countries where living is cheap

Economic difficulties lead us to find alternatives to save or earn money, so sometimes we consider the possibility of living elsewhere. Other times it is our desire to travel that makes us want to spend a season somewhere else. If it's your case, We want to show you some heavenly countries where living is cheap.

Paradise countries where living is cheap

Working on the Internet is in fashion, and many are those who spend long periods in other places. Something that allows them to know dream countries, save money and enjoy a long trip. What more could you want? If you are one of those who would like to move to another place, even if it was a season, look at this list:


Silawesi in Indonesia

Although for years it was the eastern stranger that Thailand was shading, Indonesia has slowly resurfaced showing its beauty and its quiet lifestyle. Although the unemployment rate is very high, If you work online or have savings, it is an ideal country to spend a long season.

It is estimated that to live comfortably there you will need about 300 dollars, Much less than in any European country!


Luang Prabang in Laos

Another Asian country that leads the list of paradisiacal countries where living is cheap. Its incredible mountains and lakes, along with Buddhist temples, will make you believe that you are in a dream place. Its people are also very hospitable, which will make your stay there even better.

The cost of living in this country is between 200 and 400 dollars a month, a small amount that can be easily obtained if you do jobs online.


Bangkok in Thailand

Of course, we cannot ignore Thailand, one of the best known paradise countries in the world. Thanks to its wide variety of fruits and vegetables eating in this country is cheap. Not to mention the accommodations, somewhat more expensive in the capital, Bangkok, and on the islands, but still very affordable.

For about $ 400 a month you can live comfortably in this country, telling that you can travel by him, since the prices of the public transport are ridiculous.


Beach on Roatan Island

Living in Honduras will be like living in paradise. Have you ever seen its beaches and palm trees? It is a place of indescribable beauty, but in which you also have to be prepared to see poverty. Even so, if you are looking for one of those paradisiacal countries where living is cheap, Honduras is ideal.

For about $ 300 a month you can live by renting a house, eating and using public transportation. Although we advise you, if you can, buy a car or motorcycle to get around, it will give you more independence and will be cheaper.


City of Panama

Although many believe that living in Panama is expensive due to its American influence, the truth is that you can live in this country comfortably with about 500 dollars a month. This is much less than living in Europe!

The problem of high prices in Panama lies in the excursions and activities related to tourism. There is also a lot of consumerism focused on the richest that can distract you from your goal. But if you are prepared for that, Panama is a paradise on earth that is worth knowing in depth!


Lima in Peru

Peru, a country full of contrasts in every way, including the weather. You can choose to live in a hot or cold area, on the mountain or on the beach, but wherever you choose, The monthly price will not exceed $ 300. Although yes, avoid living in Lima, a tourist city with high prices.

"Like all drugs, traveling requires a steady increase in doses."

-John Dos Passos-


Ksamil beach in Albania - Artur Malinowski /

In Albania there are small towns where living is very economical, such as in Ksamil Beach, a corner of nature that seems to have been brought from the Bahamas or the Fiji.

It is a little known but beautiful country in which to enjoy a quiet life for about 300 dollars a month. Not to mention that you can taste the most exquisite seafood for ridiculous prices. Let's say that living like a king in this place will not cost you more than 600 dollars. Who can say no to that?

These are some paradisiacal countries where living is cheap. And you, Have you already chosen which one you want to spend a season on?

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