6 curiosities of the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral

Many of the world's great historical monuments hide more than a couple of interesting anecdotes. And it is not surprising, since they have a history, usually quite long. This time, we present the curiosities of the Notre Dame cathedral.

The architecture of Notre Dame is an architectural prodigy. Hence, it has been taken as inspiration for artists of all kinds and also thousands of passersby. Certainly, it is difficult to escape the charm of this jewel of the French capital.

The halo of mystery surrounding the cathedral becomes a product of literature and the various interpretations of certain facts in particular. Dare to discover some of the curiosities of the Notre Dame cathedral and you will be surprised!

Curiosities of the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral

From the beginning of its construction, in 1163, rumors began about the souls of the dead that roam the cathedral. Some tormented, others melancholic. Thus, There are a lot of legends that tell the story of those who perished there.

Of course, The number of legends increased significantly after the construction of the cathedral was completed in 1345. However, curiosities about the Notre Dame Cathedral are not limited to the world of the dead and tragedies.

1. It was the scene of historical events

The history of France is full of facts that changed the course of humanity in many aspects. And the Notre Dame cathedral witnessed it. For example, The beatification of Joan of Arc was performed in the Parisian cathedral in 1909.

Other important acts were the coronation of Henry VI of England in 1429 and the Requiem Mass of Charles de Gaulle. Here also the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte took place in 1804.

2. He tried to be knocked down

Already in the sixth century a temple was built in the place where the cathedral is today. However, 600 years later, Bishop Maurice de Sully decided to tear it down. In 1163, just three years later, Louis VII ordered that it be built again with the appearance that looks to this day.

However, the story would not end here, because during the French Revolution many of its treasures were stolen and destroyed. Once again, in 1871, they tried to burn the cathedral, although they did not completely achieve it, only inside.

3. Your gargoyles

Its main function is to evacuate water from rooftops in rainy times. They are gloomy, some classify them as ugly, and their meaning is a real intrigue for those who stop to contemplate them.

Many of the legends of the cathedral revolve around its gargoyles. One of the most striking is the one that has to do with the death of Joan of Arc.

People say that when the heroine was burned, the gargoyles woke up and flew over Paris to avenge their death, causing terror. The next day, the streets were full of the bodies of those people who had witnessed Juana's death and did not help her.

4. The history of the hunchback

Who does not remember Quasimodo? There are many who wonder if he was a real character or simply a legend of the many that surround this magnificent temple. As well, there was no such character, but there was a sculptor of the building that was characterized by having a hump.

That artist was the inspiration of Victor Hugo to create one of the characters in his novel Our Lady of paris. Novel that tells the sad story of Esmeralda, a gypsy, and Quasimodo, a deaf and humpback man who lives in the cathedral.

«Those who suffer because you love: love even more; to die of love is to live »

-Victor Hugo-

5. The Devil's Gate

One of the doors of the cathedral that bears this name contains a terrible legend. It is said that a very young locksmith was commissioned to make the side door of Notre Dame,that would have the name of Santa Ana.

Overwhelmed, the young man invoked the devil to help him do it in exchange for his soul. The next day, with a spectacular goldsmith work, the locksmith presented his work and obtained the promotion he wanted, from apprentice to teacher.

But nevertheless, once he became a teacher, the devil did not stop tormenting him to give him his soul. In a short time, the young man was found dead in strange circumstances and it is still believed that his soul wanders through Notre Dame.

6. It is the 'zero point' of France

Another of the curiosities of the Notre Dame cathedral, and that many do not know, is that this place was chosen to be the 'zero point' of France and Paris.There is a medallion similar to the Rose of the Winds that points to this point.

Today, Notre Dame is known, above all, for being the scene of the famous animated Disney film. This film, although it is inspired by the novel by Victor Hugo and portrays the imposing beauty of construction, is not the only reference we must take into account.

Surely these curiosities of the Cathedral of Notre Dame have awakened even more the desire to visit this impressive monument. What are you waiting for? Go prepare your trip! This gothic beauty will not leave you indifferent.

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