Enjoy the best beaches in New Zealand

One of the greatest charms of the beaches of New Zealand is that, despite being an undeniable tourist attraction, they have maintained their essence. Here you will find virgin beaches with transparent, warm waters and fine sand They delight sun and beach tourism lovers.

1. Piha, among the best beaches in New Zealand

Piha Beach

About 40 kilometers west Auckland is the coastal town of Piha. Its black sand volcanic beach is bounded by two steep cliffs that favor air currents. It is one of the favorite New Zealand beaches for surf lovers.

Strong currents can be dangerous for swimming, so coastguards patrol the area and mark the access areas for bathers. And, if you feel like visiting the area a little more, you can get close to the surrounding hills and walk trails with unique landscapes. To enjoy fabulous views you have to climb Lion Rock, 101 meters high.

2. New Chums Beach

New Chums Beach

On the North Island, on the Coromandel Peninsula, is one of the beaches of New Zealand in a virgin state. For those looking for a place to enjoy the silence, the beach of New Chums Beach It is located in a narrow white sand and water of an intense blue color.

The beach is surrounded by a forest full of native species. In addition, it is protected, so there will be no services in it for tourists. Because, It is one of the favorite places for those looking to make sustainable tourism.

3. Ohope Beach

Ohope Beach

On our tour of the best beaches in New Zealand we can't leave behind Ohope beach because of its views. The panoramic view of White Island, an active volcano, and the East Cape coast is one of the biggest demands for international tourism.

With an extension of more than 10 kilometers, this white sand beach also has a great swell, therefore, is ideal for water sports. In addition, you can see, especially in spring, gannets, terns and seagulls that will delight bird lovers.

4. More beaches in New Zealand: Hot Water

Hot Water Beach

The Hot Water beach is undoubtedly one of the most striking beaches we can find in New Zealand. It is located, like the New Chums beach, on the Coromandel peninsula. There are many tourists who visit the beach to enjoy its particular phenomenon.

Due to the location of New Zealand, located between two tectonic plates, there is a great geothermal activity from which hot springs emerge. The waters can reach up to 60ºC.

There are many visitors who stay tuned for when the tide falls, two hours before or two hours later, to make a hole in the sand. Thus, when the tide rises, it will gradually fill with hot water, which will allow you to enjoy a completely free thermal bath.

5. Matapouri Bay Beach

Matapouri Beach

Already on the coast of Tutukaka we find the beach of Matapouri Bay, which offers crystal clear waters and a pleasant temperature. Stresses in it the dense vegetation of the area, where we can contemplate the pohutukawa trees, typical of Christmas in New Zealand.

In addition to the beach area, we can bathe in its three small coves for greater privacy. If desired, you can also visit the hills on the left bank of Matapouri Bay beach. There are those known as Mermaid Pools, natural pools that have formed around the rocks.

6. Kaiteriteri Beach

Abel Tasman National Park

This beach is located near the Abel Tasman National Park. Kaiteriteri Beach takes its name from the city itself and It has golden sands. This coloring is due to a high percentage of minerals such as quartz and mica.

One of the many peculiarities of this beach is that It has the highest percentage of sunshine hours in New Zealand. Therefore, it has many services, such as accommodation, shops and restaurants. There are also excursions to the Abel Tasman National Park, kayaking trips and tours To swim with the sea lions.

7. Koekohe Beach, one of the most curious New Zealand beaches

Koekohe Beach

On the coast of Otago, between Moeraki and Hampden, we will find the beach of Koekohe. This extensive beach offers tourists, in addition to fine sand and transparent waters, the Moeraki Boulders. These fascinating spherical rocks are scattered throughout the beach and are its main attraction.

These rocks so particular they measure more than 3 meters. Some experts say they are calcite concretions formed over 65 million years ago. However, the natives prefer to associate them with the remains of the sunken and legendary Araiteuru canoe, which has great value within its folklore.

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